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1. (AU2009333155) Food-based supplement delivery system

Office : Australia
Application Number: 2009333155 Application Date: 17.12.2009
Publication Number: 2009333155 Publication Date: 04.08.2011
Publication Kind : A1
Prior PCT appl.: Application Number:US2009068447 ; Publication Number: Click to see the data
A23L 7/10
A23L 7/196
A23L 27/00
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A23L 27/12
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Applicants: Gorris, Mark
Agents: AJ PARK
Priority Data: 12/337,371 17.12.2008 US
12/639,882 16.12.2009 US
Title: (EN) Food-based supplement delivery system
Abstract: front page image
(EN) A cookie or other food product which is designed to deliver a larger dose of cinnamon or other additive such as fruit extract or rind to a human user without significant introduction of food items detrimental to additive(s)'s expected medicinal action and without an unpleasant taste sensation. The cookie is designed to be chewed as opposed to swallowed and the flavoring of the additive(s) is intended to enhance the cookie as opposed to the flavoring being covered up or concealed by other flavorings.
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