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10. (AU2016100178) New stock/share/bond innovation using principle mined cryptographic currency/digital mining assets/commodities which secondary mine for stock/share/bond holders on/using the Blockchain/any chain/shared ledger on a cryptographic currency/digital mining assets/commodities exchange.
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Claim 1. New digital mining asset/commodity share structure
With new innovations in technology and new regulations from that technology, come new terms. Digital mining assets/commodities are digitally mined principle assets/commodities that are now secondary mining adding to their existing principle mined asset/commodity balance total. Therefore the new company stocks/shares/bonds would actually be digital mining assets/commodities. The company would have principle digital mining assets/commodities which it sells/ trades into the market and the investors would be buying the principle stocks/shares/bonds and then secondary mining them to sell into the market place on a Blockchain exchange such as SharesX.
Start-ups once they have their market valuation and company share structure can submit it to SharesX for valuation and approval into the digital mining asset/commodity share market exchange.
Take for example a company called AAABlockchain Limited. A start up that has been testing its products in the market for nearly two years is now ready to enter the private secondary market to raise funds and decentralise its intellectual property via a share offering. This company now has the option via this new innovation to use, a Blockchain stocks/shares/bonds exchange that specialises in digital mining asset/commodity, to sell/trade its principle digital mining assets/commodities. The company has a total market valuation of $1B/10M stocks/shares/bonds and wants to sell/ trade to market 10% which would equate to $10OM/1M stock/share/bond at $100 per stock/share/bond.
This innovation allows this start-up to sell/trade a principle amount of AAABlockchain principle stocks/shares/bonds in the form of digital mining assets/commodities and place 1M of those principle stocks/shares/bonds on to sell/trade. The core of the innovation is that AAABlockchains principle stocks/shares/bonds will secondary mine for the investors/stakeholders meaning the stocks/ shares/bonds in this company that are bought off the exchange will start to secondary mine for the new shareholder at a rate of up to 10% pa. So if you acquired $100k worth of AAABlockchain stocks/ shares/bonds, 1000@$100 each which are digital mining assets/ commodity stocks/shares/bonds, it works out at up to $10k pa in ethical earnings. What this does is smooth out the real world company fluctuations, be they seasonal, weather dependent, manipulated, traded, buy/low sell high or leveraged, and also removes the need for new stocks/shares/bonds offers which would dilute the shareholders principle stocks/shares/bonds.
This innovation leads to a sounder, more stable market and provides certainty to market participants/investors as well as shareholders.
Claim 2. Profit and Earnings from digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds
The profit/earnings from AAABlockchains products and services in the real world are used to acquire digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds off the SharesX exchange that their shareholders have secondary mined and put up for trade/sale. By default this strengthens the core of the company into which market participants and investors are investing. This is not a buyback of stocks/shares/ bonds as these stocks/shares/bonds are newly mined digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds from shareholders. This is a reflection of the new products and/or services the company is actually delivering in the real world.
So for the company its a buy the newly mined digital mining asset/ commodity stocks/shares/bonds from their shareholders, hold and let the newly acquired digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/ bonds secondary mine for the company, strengthen the overall company which puts it on a path to sustainable growth.
Claim 3. Rating, management and fee structure for digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds
A company like SharesX would have a rating system with the highest rating going to the companies that consistently buy the most digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds from their shareholders on the exchange. This shows the strength and growth of that company in the real market. This rating could be adjusted periodically throughout the year.
This innovation gives each digital mining asset/commodity shareholder a method of recording and confirming their share transactions in real time instead of a centralised platform doing it for them. Each shareholder can hold a digital wallet which has a complete record of mined digital mining assets/commodities and transactions through peer to peer verification through the Blockchain and the block explorer. This means there is no central recording system; rather each participant keeps a record of all transactions ever made. This is the same system which allows Bankcoin to operate with no central authority.
All digital mining asset/commodity share trades would be settled by each digital mining asset/commodity shareholder confirming transactions through the peer to peer network/Blockchain. The network/Blockchain could record the buying and selling of each digital mining asset/commodity of the shareholder, the number of stocks/shares/bonds traded, the price of stocks/shares/bonds, time of exchange and the exchange of funds as all these are real time stamped on the exchange.
The exchange, such as SharesX, will still provide a centralised electronic exchange for each digital mining asset/commodity shareholder to place buy/sell/trade orders. The settlement or back office function will be provided to the entire network/Blockchain which is a major advantage with huge cost savings.
There are no fees to buy/sell/trade on the exchange such as SharesX however there is a fee to list on the exchange in the form of a percentage of the digital mining asset/commodity of the listing company. These principle company stocks/shares/bonds will then secondary mine for SharesX and be put up for sale/trade on the exchange.
Claim 4. Fixed price formula for digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds
This innovation brings in a fixed price formula which means there is a floor price. As an example, AAABlockchain Limited digital mining asset/commodity share floor price is $100, however it can climb up due to market forces though it cannot go below the floor price. This brings in a sustainable ethical growth formula yet gives those that require markets to fluctuate above the floor price that option as well.
Claim 5. Innovation benefits and advantages of digital mining asset/ commodity stocks/shares/bonds
This digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds innovation has the potential to cut inefficiencies in the share settlement function. As trades are settled in real time by peer to peer confirmations, there is no need for a clearing house, auditors to verify trades, or custodians to ensure a shareholder actually has the stocks/shares/bonds they claim to hold. The shareholders digital wallet holds all this information on the exchange in the Overview page, Statistics page and block explorer.
This digital mining asset/commodity share innovation removes the need for middlemen in the back office which means fewer costs in record keeping and in turn less costs to trading on exchanges such as SharesX. The high cost in getting a third party to audit, record keep and/or verify trades would be substantially reduced.
This digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds innovation addresses all these issues and more since it can cover any and all costs because it mines new digital mining asset/commodity stocks/ shares/bonds.
The digital mining asset/commodity shareholders confirmation of trades means settlement time can be significantly reduced compared to the current settlement period of three working days (T+3) as the existing exchanges need to make sure the participants have the money and stocks/shares/bonds on hand to exchange. This would make digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds a far more liquid investment. Higher liquidity means more investment into start-ups/ businesses/companies and corporations principle digital mining asset/commodity stocks/shares/bonds using this innovation.
As all participants have the full record of transactions and therefore holdings of the business there is complete transparency in the equity market. This makes it almost impossible to falsify transactions or to make changes to prior transactions. If a false trade occurs, participants will find inconsistencies in their full ledger and reject the trade. For example an investor would be unable to sell stock/shares/bonds that they did not own as all participants throughout the Blockchain would know exactly how much stocks/shares/ bonds the investor/company owns as that information is inside the digital wallet.