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1. (CN104683598) Proximity sensor threshold adjusting method and device and intelligent device

Office : China
Application Number: 201510133462.5 Application Date: 25.03.2015
Publication Number: 104683598 Publication Date: 03.06.2015
Grant Number: 104683598 Grant Date: 09.06.2017
Publication Kind : B
H04M 1/725
Substation equipment, e.g. for use by subscribers
Substation extension arrangements; Cordless telephones, i.e. devices for establishing wireless links to base stations without route selecting
Cordless telephones
Applicants: 广东欧珀移动通信有限公司
Inventors: 张强
Agents: 深圳中一专利商标事务所 44237
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Title: (EN) Proximity sensor threshold adjusting method and device and intelligent device
(ZH) 接近传感器阈值调节方法、装置及智能设备
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(EN) The invention applies to the technical field of intelligent equipment, and provides a proximity sensor threshold adjusting method and device and an intelligent device. The method comprises the following steps: detecting the working state of an intelligent device; starting a proximity sensor according to the working state, and adjusting the proximity threshold and leave-away threshold of the proximity sensor; performing an operation instruction corresponding to the proximity threshold or the leave-away threshold if the detected output value of the proximity sensor is more than the proximity threshold or less than the leave-away threshold, wherein the proximity value is more than the leave-away threshold, and the proximity threshold and the leave-away threshold are respectively corresponding to the working state of the intelligent device. With the adoption of the method, the proximity threshold and the leave-away threshold of the proximity sensor can be dynamically adjusted according to different working states of the intelligent device, so that the accuracy of intelligent motion recognizing in different application scenes can be increased, and the probability of inaccurate or invalid intelligent motion recognizing can be reduced.
(ZH) 本发明适用于智能设备技术领域,提供了一种接近传感器阈值调节方法、装置及智能设备,所述方法包括:检测智能设备的工作状态;根据所述工作状态启动接近传感器,并调节所述接近传感器的接近阈值和远离阈值;当检测到接近传感器的输出值大于所述接近阈值或者小于所述远离阈值时,执行与所述接近阈值或者远离阈值对应的操作指令;其中,所述接近阈值大于所述远离阈值;所述接近阈值和远离阈值与所述智能设备的工作状态一一对应。本发明实现了根据智能设备的不同工作状态动态调节接近传感器的接近阈值和远离阈值的大小,提升了不同应用场景下智能体感识别的准确率,降低了智能体感识别错误或者无效的概率。