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1. WO2020133763 - BATTERY BOX

CN209104228Battery box
Appl.Date 27.12.2018
Appl.No 201822224306.1 Applicant NINGDE CONTEMPORARY AMPEREX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Pub.Kind U
Inclusion Criteria IC5
Sole priority inside the family.
Pub.Date 12.07.2019
WO/2020/133763BATTERY BOX
Appl.Date 26.03.2019
Appl.No PCT/CN2019/079678 Applicant CONTEMPORARY AMPEREX TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Pub.Kind A Pub.Lang zh
Inclusion Criteria IC1
PCT application from which the family originated.
Pub.Date 02.07.2020
Appl.Date 21.06.2021
Appl.No 2019905735
Inclusion Criteria IC3
National entry of a PCT application not found in PATENTSCOPE.