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Goto Application


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received by the International Bureau on
16 December 2008 (16.12.08)

1) Systems of coaxial connectors for coaxial cables, each connector (CO) comprising at least: - two complementary bodies, i.e. a female body (A) respectively a male body (B); - a first central contact (Al5 Bl) in said connector {CO) of electric signal transit, - a second outer contact (A3, B3) for the ground connection; - dielectric elements (A2, B2)~ positioned between said contacts; - caps to be associated to the distal end of each complementary body (A, B); and — backend connectors for the passage of the stripped terminals of said coaxial cables, characterized by interfaces of exclusively mechanical couplings between connector central contacts and coaxial cable conductor, said interfaces being produced by a pressure mechanism (MP) or a slide fit mechanism (CI).
2) System according to claim 1, characterized in that said pressure mechanism (MP) is firmly associated to the closure cap (TC).
3) System according to claim 2, characterized in that said pressure mechanism (MP) comprises a head tapered with a stepped anterior hole, a posterior slot shaped to receive a screwing tool, and an ending part with a threaded zone for its mounting in the threaded seat of the conφctor body.
4) System according to claim 3, characterized by a push organ comprising a manoeuvre mall piston PM having: - a central cylindrical portion of major diameter PM2 creating a Stop PM7 for said piston and is integral with a cylindrical posterior portion PMl of support and guide of an elastic element EE; and - a cylindrical major portion (PM3) integral, on its turn, with an anterior projecting portion having a minor diameter, and so shaped to produce an optimal compression between coaxial cable and connector central contact.

5) System according to claim 4, wherein the elastic element (EE) substantially comprises an helicoidally or cup spring, a rubber small piece and an O-ring.
6) System according to claim 5, comprising a bush or sleeve (BS) having a guide hole (BSl) for the piston (PM) during its work condition and an outer cylindrical portion (BS2) forced in the closure cap (TC).
7) System according to at least one of previous claims, wherein in order to create a first modification interface, the connector (CO) central contact (OC), consists of an outer cylindrical portion with a head slot (CCl) to position the coaxial cable central conductor (CAl), and of a transversal hole (CC3) in which said terminal (CCi) will be pushed by the piston producing a clamp effect.
8) System according to at least one of previous claims, wherein the connector body (CO) consists of a cylindrical portion (CO2) with an internal cavity (CO3) which is at least partially threaded to screw the closure cap, and has a housing for the central contact (OC) with slot (CCl) for the cable central conductor.
9) System according to claim l, characterized in that said slide fit mechanism (Ci), includes: - a central portion (Cϊl)for the insertion of (CI) in the central contact (OCA) of connector (CA), having a lower face (CI2) acting as a stop and catch during the coaxial cable insertion; - a cylindrical portion (CD) with a minor diameter, integral and projecting from (Oil) for the fixed and rigid electio-mechanicai connection of said (CI) to said connector central contact (CCA); and - a terminal portion (CI4) projecting from {CD) and having at least two pins (CI5) preferably with elastic springs or wings (CI6) to create a junction between said springs and the central conductor terminal.