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1. WO2021144820 - CONTACT LENS

International Application Status
24.10.2021International Application Status ReportHTML, PDF, XMLPDF, XML
Published International Application
22.07.2021Initial Publication with ISR( (A1 29/2021))PDF (22p.)
Search and Examination-Related Documents
22.07.2021(ISA/210) International Search ReportPDF (4p.)
22.07.2021(ISA/237) Written Opinion of the International Searching AuthorityPDF (7p.)
22.07.2021Search StrategyPDF (1p.)
Related Documents on file at the International Bureau
10.08.2021(IB/308) Notice Informing the Applicant of the Communication of the International Application to the Designated OfficesPDF (1p.)
22.07.2021(IB/301) Notification of receipt of record copyPDF (1p.)
22.07.2021Validation LogPDF (1p.)
22.07.2021(RO/101) Request formPDF (4p.)
22.07.2021Application Body as FiledPDF (19p.)
22.07.2021Priority DocumentPDF (33p.)
22.07.2021(IB/311) Notification Concerning Availability of Publication of the International ApplicationPDF (1p.)
22.07.2021(RO/105) Notification of the International Application Number and of the International Filing DatePDF (1p.)
22.07.2021Translation of Application Body for the purposes of international publication (Rule 12.4)PDF (16p.)
22.07.2021ePCT Cover LetterPDF (1p.)
22.07.2021(RO/150) Invitation to Furnish Translation of International Application and to Pay, Where Applicable, Late Furnishing FeePDF (1p.)
22.07.2021(IB/304) Notification Concerning Submission or Transmittal of Priority DocumentPDF (1p.)
22.07.2021(RO/102) Notification Concerning Payment of Prescribed FeesPDF (2p.)
22.07.2021Cover LetterPDF (1p.)