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1. Support unit for a conveyor (21) of objects (23) comprising a plurality of support bodies (30) reciprocally pivoted with respect to each other to define a closed ring, suitable to transport in suspension the objects that are disposed attached thereon
and suitable to slide in a guide (24) of said conveyor (21) along a closed path, said support bodies (30) each being provided with at least a flat plate (32) and with at least an anchoring base (34) solidly associated to said plate (32) and suitable to support sliding means (35, 36) suitable to slide on said guide (24), each plate (32) is provided with opposite pivoting ends (38) configured to pivot, by means of pivoting means (33), with respective pivoting ends (38) of an adjacent plate (32) which follows and respectively which precedes so as to define the reciprocal connection between said support bodies (30) characterized in that each plate (32) is made of an elastically flexible material at least with respect to its thickness (S), to adapt to curves defined by said guide (24).
  2. Support unit as in claim 1, characterized in that the respective pivoting ends (38) of consecutive plates (32) are disposed adjacent and partly overlapping each other.
  3. Support unit as in claim 1 or 2, characterized in that said plate (32) extends longitudinally for a length (L) and said at least one anchoring base (34) extends for a longitudinal bulk (B) of smaller size than said length (L) of the plate (32).
  4. Support unit as in any claim hereinbefore, characterized in that each plate (32) comprises at least two anchoring bases (34) distanced from each other by an interspace (43) suitable to allow said plate (32) to bend.
  5. Support unit as in any claim hereinbefore, characterized in that at least one of the pivoting ends (38) of said plate (32) comprises two prongs of a fork (42) which are able to be coupled with the pivoting end (38) of the subsequent plate (32).
  6. Support unit as in any claim hereinbefore, characterized in that said pivoting means (33) between the plates (32) comprise pivoting and connection elements (50, 51), suitable to be inserted into through holes (37) made in the pivoting ends (38) of said plates (32), and elastic means (53) configured to keep the adjacent surfaces of the pivoting ends (38), during use, in contact with each other.
  7. Support unit as in claim 6, characterized in that said elastic means (53) comprise pairs of cup springs (55) reciprocally coupled with each other with opposite concavities, each of said pairs being associated, at least in correspondence with the external surfaces of said plates (32).
  8. Support unit as in claim 6 or 7, characterized in that said pivoting means (33) comprise a bushing (56) suitable to be inserted into each through hole (37) of adjacent plates (32).
  9. Transfer conveyor of objects comprising a support unit (20) as in any claim hereinbefore.
  10. Transfer conveyor as in claim 9, characterized in that it comprises a guide (24) configured to define a sliding path for said support unit (20), and in that said guide (24) comprises at least rectilinear segments (25), segments with a flat curve (26) and segments with a slanting curve (28).