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Goto Application


Note: Text based on automatic Optical Character Recognition processes. Please use the PDF version for legal matters


1. A document transfer mechanism for transporting a document (34) along a document transfer path,in particular for a card for indexing cards along a card track, comprising belt means (62) passing over first and second wheel means (68, 70) mounted adjacent to said document transfer path (35) for aligning a segment of the belt means (62) with the document transfer path, at least one spur means (64) projecting from the belt means (62) for engaging the trailing edge of a document (34) positioned on the document transfer path between the first and second wheel means (68, 70), drive means (66) for moving the drive belt means (62) and pushing a document (34) from the first wheel means (68) to the second wheel means (70), characterized by accelerator means (80, 82) driven in synchronism with the drive means (66) for engaging the leading edge of a document (34) approaching the second wheel means (70) and increasing the transport speed of the document relative to the belt means, thereby disengaging the spur means (64) from the trailing edge of the document means prior to the spur means (64) passing over the second wheel means (70).
  2. The mechanism of claim 1, wherein the accelerator means comprises at least one pair of roller means (80, 82) on both sides of a document transfer path, the nip of the roller means being positioned for engaging the leading edge of the document (34), the roller means (80, 82) being driven by the drive means (66).
  3. The mechanism of claim 2, wherein the accelerator roller means (80, 82) is connected by a belt to a third wheel mounted on a shaft upon which the second wheel means (70) is axially mounted.
  4. The mechanism of claim 1, wherein the drive means (66) drives the belt means (62) and the accelerator means (80, 82) in incremental steps.