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1. A vehicle comprising:a frame structure supporting and integrating parts of the vehicle;a set of rotors attached to the frame structure through hinges such that the rotors are aliened parallel to the frame or perpendicular to the frame; a set of wheels attached to the frame structure;a set of air chambers to enable the vehicle to float on water; anda central control unit operative to control parts of the vehicle, wherein the frame structure move laterally over land when rotor axis is parallel to the axis of the wheel and move vertically when the rotor axis perpendicular to the axis of the wheel. 2. The vehicle of claim 1, further comprising:a thermal camera configured to monitor the environment;a Global positioning system (GPS) configured to determine position of the device;an ultra sonic sensor configured to detect the movement of target object;a distance meter is configured to find the distance between target objects; a solar cell is configured for the power generation;a pilot system configured to control the movement mechanism;an air chambers configured to make the vehicle light weight and float on water; anda multi rotor is configured for the movement of amphibious unmanned vehicle (AUV). 3. The vehicle of claim 2, wherein the pilot system is further configured to receive the signals through antenna to control the AUV. 4. The vehicle of claim 3, wherein the solar cell further comprising adjustable hinges according to the environment and movement of the AUV to generate the solar power for the AUV. 5. The vehicle of claim 2, wherein multi rotor further comprising air duct fans configured to propel and lift by four rotors. 6. The vehicle of claim 2, wherein the rotor comprising servo motors provides rotor turning mechanism and propulsion wherein rotor further comprising wheels configured to attain traction. 7. Method, system, and apparatus providing one or more features as described in the paragraphs of this specification.Date: 04-06-2015 Signature……………………… ,TagSPECI:FORM 2THE PATENT ACT 1970(39 of 1970)&THE PATENT RULES, 2003COMPLETE SPECIFICATION(See Section 10 and rule 13)TITLE“AMPHIBIOUS UNMANNED VEHICLE�APPLICANT(S)Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyAn Institution of Sree Siddaganga Education Society,B.H Road, Tumkur - 572 103,Karnataka, IndiaThe following specification describes and ascertains the nature of this invention and the manner in which it is to be performed: