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1. US4490596 - Induction cooking apparatus having cooling arrangement therefor

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We claim:
1. An induction heating type cooking apparatus comprising:
a casing defining a compartment therewithin;
a single pan supporting panel of non-magnetic high mechanical strength on said casing and defining at least a part of the top of said compartment;
a partition plate extending along and under said pan supporting panel and supporting said panel and dividing said compartment into a front portion and a rear portion and blocking counterflow of cooling air from said rear portion to said front portion, said partition having an opening therein between said portions;
a plurality of induction heating coils in said rear portion spaced from the under side of said panel;
solid state power conversion means for each heating coil and positioned in said rear portion and connected to the corresponding heat coil;
operating circuit means for each of the respective coils and including power switch means, power adjusting means for adjusting the power to the corresponding coil and display means for displaying the power input level, said operating circuit means being positioned in said front portion and electrically connected to the corresponding coils and having the operating controls for the switch means and the adjusting means and the display means exposed on the top of said casing;
said casing having an air inlet opening in said front portion and an outlet in the rear poriton open upwardly out of said casing at the upper part of the rear portion of said compartment;
a forced air cooling means mounted in said opening in said partition for drawing cooling air into said front portion through said air inlet, forcing the cooling air through said opening and through said rear portion and discharging it out through said air outlet.
2. An apparatus as claimed in claim 1 further comprising a plurality of inner chassis in the bottom of said compartment having electrically insulating spacers thereon insulating said chassis from the casing, each chassis having from one to two power conversion means and one to two heating coils thereon.
3. An apparatus as claimed in claim 2 in which said heating coils in said casing are aligned along said casing parallel to said partition.
4. An apparatus as claimed in claim 2 wherein said forced air cooling means comprises a forced air cooler device for each of said chassis.
5. An apparatus as claimed in claim 4 in which said forced air cooler devices are axial flow fans positioned in parallel in the corresponding openings in said partition, said fans rotating in the same direction.
6. An apparatus as claimed in claim 2 in which said chassis are positioned symmetrically within said casing.