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The present invention relates to a device and method for the treatment and magnetization of water and non-chemical methods for affecting water and intra molecular water bonds. It also relates to permanent magnet structure which is used especially for affecting the arrangement of molecule clusters of water which pass through this device.


In view of atomic structure of oxygen and hydrogen that have certain electrons in orbitals around its nucleus and fast movement of electrons in said orbitals, every atom has a small magnetic field. Generally, electron's movement direction points to the magnetic field's direction. Considering created magnetic field around each atom, geometric shape of molecules created from atoms' constituents is neither linear nor a two-dimensional one; rather, it is a three-dimensional shape. Atom type and intensity of magnetic field can determine a molecule's shape.

If water molecules enter a magnetic field, the possibility of angle change among atoms of molecules including water molecules takes place. Since the space between water molecules is determined based on the magnitude of chemical bond and their kinetic energy and efficacy intervals of magnetic and electronic fields of molecules, it can be said that distances and said limits except in ions for that of magnetic field are a function of electric field. If said molecules attend a strong magnetic field, the possibility of more disciplined arrangement of molecules as clusters in the magnetic field is a lot as a result of changes in water molecules size, atomic connections angle and general direction of molecules because of the magnetic field in molecules itself.

The order among said molecules causes more molecules or ions of other material to settle among them and accordingly increases solubility coefficient.

Magnetized water is a kind of water which flows through a magnetic field with a certain distribution which has been set according to definite calculations and as a result results in change and improvement of chemical and physical features of water. When water molecule is exposed to a magnetic field, it undergoes some changes in terms of nature and physical shape such that hydrogen bond between

water molecules as the result of magnetic field lose their strength. This increases the solubility and porousness (the ability for dispersion and penetration into other materials). The increase in solubility contributes to the dissolution of nutritious substances as well as water's penetration ability and penetration rate into nutritious substances in plants' and animals' cells.

The invention No. US5009791 registered in April, 23, 1991 is a patent under the title of magnetized water for uses in agriculture. The introduced device includes an external cylinder which has metal parts at its bottom and top. Said parts have cross-sections thinner and annular and external casing of this annular shape is equal to its inner casing. In the meantime, there are threads in the interior of the lid which has a middle pipe and other tools inside the pipe be fixed. Threads on both ends of the pipe and their further push inside gets them closer to each other and keeps the middle pipe in its place and as a result of short distance between two lids, outer casing pipe gets fixed between two lids. Inside middle pipe, a pipe with magnets whose like poles are placed next to each other creates a kind of magnet core that water undergoes rotation in north and south poles when it flows beside it. Generally, the presence of a multitude of tubes in this invention can produce desired amount of magnetized water.

In another invention, No. WO2015186176A1, registered in PCT by Japan, a method and a device for the manufacturing of magnetized water is presented. A

disc-shaped rotator with some magnets of varying arrangement in North and South rotates with an electric engine and two rods connected to water pipe facilitates the transfer of magnetic field to the present cover around water pipe.

Another patent registered in USPTO with No. US6773602 is an invention for the production of magnetized water wherein water containers have two coils around and with the help of cooling structure, water inside container is constantly cooled. The transmitted waves' form can affect the quality of structural changes in magnetized water.

In another patent registered in USPTO with No.US2009/0206020Al, some square-shaped magnets with N/S arrangement above each other and inside two pans of the clamp. Said clamp is installed with two screws on the pipe.

Another invention with No. CN02131922 which has been registered in patent office of China. In this invention, a structure for the production of magnetized water has been introduced in which a hidden spiral in the pipe enables the magnets to locate themselves with opposite poles next to each other and penetrate to the core of screw. In the meantime, water rotates around the core while passing through the device and this causes existing particles interact constantly with magnetic field and clusters or change to sole water molecules under ideal conditions. Among other relevant inventions are CN201770526U,

CN101905915A, CN2082719U, GB1108308A, US20090065438A1,

KR20040057857A, and US4935133A.


The main problem in agriculture and animal husbandry is the use of chemical substances (fertilizer, supplementary drugs, pesticides, and poisonous fungicides) for improvement in cultivation and livestock, which have long-term side effects. The premise of offered solution in this device is the use of a physical phenomenon instead of chemical substances in improving plant growth as well as growth in livestock and poultry, improvement in human health and descaling of water pipes without the need to spend energy and other consumption products.

Water magnetizer devices which have been developed so far operate on electric currents and need electricity, which increases the likelihood of electrocution, short circuit and a burnt coil.

According to the task of water treatment device, there are similar devices but operate on electricity which magnetize water by a coil wound around the water pipe that creates a magnetic field. There are instances which use permanent magnet and thus fail in creating a magnetic field with fair distribution inside the water pipe and as a result get very little success.


The purpose of this invention is to solve the said problems mentioned above in water treatment devices as well as the application of a physical method for affecting on polarized water molecules for improving water features as a minerals' solvent without the use of chemical substances.


The present invention is a kind of device and mechanism for the magnetization of water. In this device, a pipe made of polymer or other non-iron metal is used, which can have a definite size relying on water discharge and water flow speed. At the top and bottom of the pipe, two flanges with standard size or common connections of water pipes like bush facilitates the connection of device to water pipe. On central pipe, there are some matched toroid magnets for increasing the power of magnetic field. These magnets are connected to each other with opposite poles. The toroid magnets are built in such a way that on one side, the circular shape is in North pole and on the other side in south pole. As regards the location of poles, the created magnetic field has a special shape in two parts. Generally, part of the magnetic field passes through the external structure of cylindrical part of the magnet and the other part passes through the internal part of the magnet in alignment with the axis.

The direction of the magnetic field is from northern pole to southern pole. In internal section, the field's lines is linear because they are next to each other. Generally, the lines in the field tend to lines with less curve. Magnets being coupled above each other causes the magnetic fields to have different shapes in and outside of magnets and to have a more linear shape inside the lines. The number of coupled magnets on central pipe can determine the quality of the water magnetization process. The distance of coupled magnets on central pipe from each other should be such that magnetic field of each coupled magnets has the least possible effect on the magnetic field of the next coupled magnets. Otherwise, the created magnetic field in the inner section of central cylinder may suffer from anarchy and lose its efficiency. More number of coupled magnets can increase the efficiency of flowing water's magnetization process. By adjusting the distance between the coupled magnets, we can expect the distance to be adjusted in its optimum grade. Moreover, the existing magnets can be fixed on the central pipe with common resins for controlling the distance. For improving the efficiency of magnets, the external section of magnets can be covered with the help of a cylindrical aluminum sheet. This cover can be made of any non-magnetic metal or certain polymers. If the diameter of the cover is not big enough, an iron sheet can also be made.

The present device creates a magnetic field in which the field's shape in considered as a three-dimensional sine curve. While water flows through the field, according to Fleming's right hand rule, loaded particles like ions can divert in their path inside the pipe to a certain extent while passing through each magnetic field due to the presence of these permanent sine fields. The movement of electron or loaded particles can also divert during their pass inside central pipe and have a curved movement.

In the meantime, because of discipline among water molecules and the influence molecules take and rectify the vertices of angles among the constituent atoms of water molecules, magnetized water is manufactured. Sine magnetic field with special gradient leads to the weakening of hydrogen bonds between water molecules in physical terms. Because of kinetic energy of water molecules as well as flowing water current, the exertion of lateral Lorentz force by the magnetic field over polarized molecules and molecular clusters of water, weakened hydrogen bond is broken and as a result bigger molecule clusters turn to smaller ones. Henceforth, treated water by magnetization has more solubility feature in comparison to normal water and the solution rate of minerals is higher in the magnetized water. Reduction of size in water molecule clusters lead to better

absorption of water in animal and plant cells and as a result the transmission of fertilizer particles in soil to plant cells is more efficiently done. Calcium, and magnesium ions existent in water move in spiral mode due to the magnetic field and impede the formulation of sediment by colliding against the pipe walls. Due to the collision of ions against the wall, the formulation of biofilm and cultivation of microbes in inner casing of the device reach to its minimum. Accordingly, treated water by this device has unstable magnet feature and retreats back to normal condition at most after three days and despite chemical fertilizers which have negative impact upon the nature, these physical changes do not leave any lasting impact upon the environment.


Among the advantages of this invention are the following ones:

- Use of permanent magnets instead of electromagnet

- More intensity of magnetic field with appropriate distribution and more focus on the filed inside the pipe containing the fluid flow

- No need to electricity

- No threats as to electrocution, and short circuit in work environment

- Longevity in comparison to its electric counterpart


- No maintenance costs and longer life ( more than 15 years)


Figure number one: Schematic diagram of water magnetization device

Figure number two: Schematic diagram of central pipe and magnets' positioning style

Figure number three: Schematic diagram of water magnetization device with an option of bush installation on either sides

Figure number four: Arrangement style of magnets next to each other

Figure number five: Positioning style of coupled magnets with their poles Figure number six: The positioning of magnets with like poles next to each other and diagram of magnetic field surrounding them

Figure number seven: The positioning of magnets with opposite poles next to each other and the diagram of magnetic field surrounding them



In this invention, central pipe with defined magnets and equal definite distance from each other are covered at first. Then, this pipe is connected to body cover with resin and gets fixed in its place. Finally, the whole system is tied and fixed by body lid and bush. Water flows through the prepared pipe and leaves from the other side after passing through the created magnetic field as a magnetized water.

Water inlet and outlet have no certain directions in the device.


The present invention has applications in agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, industry and home and health as follows:

Agricultural field:

Cultivation of farm organic products without the need to fertilizer with sufficient growth and high quality is possible with magnetized water. Plant growth increases by 20 to 30 percent. Thus, products become ripe sooner and harvest is done earlier. Hence, water use, electricity use and labor force reduce and product damage possibility due to hail, rain and extreme cold in autumn decreases. Product growth of 20 to 30 percent in comparison to the available sample means the harvest of


equal amount in shorter period. Shorter time for harvest means conservation of energy and costs and fall in number of threats against the product. Experiments show nutritious substances of plant increase with magnetized water. Helpful enzymes and anti-oxidants increase by 400 percent. For example, sweet maize irrigation with magnetized water has 40% more glucose, 15% more protein and 7.5& more beta-carotene. IN red apple, we have 35% more ferritin and 15% more glucose. Quantitative and qualitative increase in products have been experimented concerning legume, flower, fruit and etc. and displayed similar results. The impacts of magnetized water causes higher resistance of the product against pests. The problem of sediment in water pipes of pressurized irrigation and heating systems of buildings are solved. Drinking magnetized water brings about more health, more growth of livelihood and poultry as experiments show the resistance of livelihood and poultry increases against illness.

- Due to more solubility of magnetized water and its combination with soil, minerals in soil are better absorbed by plant and this causes better resistance and growth of plant and need less fertilizer.

Magnetized water in agriculture causes the liberation and increase of solubility of nutritious elements of soil. Generally, small percentage of added fertilizer is used by plant and the rest destroys the soil whereas all the fertilizer is consumed in the soil if magnetized water is used.

Due to higher resistance and better growth of plant, more conservation in use of pesticides and agricultural toxins is possible.

Magnetized water causes the liberation of nutritious elements and their preparation for absorption. Magnetized water affects the majority of nutritious elements except nickel and lead which damage the plant. Considering the fact that each element has its own particular magnetic reaction, plant absorbs its needs from magnetized water. All in all, magnetic system triggers internal resistance of plant.

- It increases chlorophyll characteristic of leaves and as a result increases photosynthesis.

- Electricity conservation in water pumps and pipes as well as conservation in maintenance

- Growth improvement of agricultural products by 20 to 30 percent without using chemical substances and fertilizer

- Budding increase by 80% in shorter period (less seed consumption)

- Increase in roots growth of agricultural products

- Resistance increase in wheat stalk and rice against wind

- Less consumption of chemical substances and toxins causes the reduction of environmental pollution and more health in nutrient material and soil

- It brings about more biological and organic products' production

- It increases nutritious elements of plants like protein, glucose and other useful material and causes their better growth

- It reduces evaporation of water due to better absorption.

- It strikes a balance between salinity of salt marshes and PH of soil on the ground

- It reduces water smell by reducing microbe growth

- It reduces the sediments inside pipes and prevents the blockade of pipes

- It increases pipes and tanks' life.

- It destroys the accumulation of biofilm (microorganisms) inside water pipe

- The sediments of calcium carbonate which causes the stiffness of soil whereas magnetized water turns sediment structure to aragonite which hinders the stiffness of soil.

Animal husbandry and poultry:

-Much growth and healthier chickens, lambs, calf, fish and other living creatures

- Less casualty in animal husbandry and chicken farms

- Descaling in water pipes and less accumulation of biofilms (microorganisms) in pipes

- A fall in consumption of antibiotics and other drugs

- Less consumption of poultry feed and animal feed and yet more growth of livestock and poultry

- Positive impact on quantity and quality of produced eggs

- Not only does it increase the amount of meat and milk production in livestock, it also increases quality of produced meat and milk.

- Faster growth of poultry in shorter time period(less expensive and more benefit)

-Less energy consumption during poultry, livestock and fish farming

-Production of ammoniac gas as a result of better digestion of feed by livestock

-In aquafarming, more oxygen in water (reaching 9% from 7%) and farming healthier fish(less casualty) and less consumption of antibiotic and better smell and taste of fish

Industrial field:

- The prevention of sediment accumulation in pipes, and elimination of pre-set sediment layers from pipe casing and equipment by water flow

-The reduction of biofilm in water pipes which causes the development of microbes in flowing water.

- Reduction of maintenance costs as a result of water pipes' longevity

- Reduction in energy consumption costs for solving sediments cause temperature transfer increase in adapters and thus conservation of energy

- Better distribution of water on the surface (better application in firefighting as a result of better repulsion of fire)

- Due to better solubility of water, there is less need of chemical observation, ion exchange and pickling.

- Magnetized water can mitigate against Sulphur and calcium stink

- For facilitating compost efficiency (residue management) in different uses (such as a fertilizer)

Home usage:

- Higher efficiency of cleaners which leads to less use of cleaners and as a result less environmental pollution

- No blockade of toilet pipes, and sewage system and less consumption of solvent chemicals and maintenance costs

- Less energy consumption because of transmission temperature increase in water pipes

Human health:

- Blood circulation improvement in tissues and body cells

- A rise in capacity of immunity system blood circulation

- An increase of the absorption of nutritious elements as a result of higher solubility of magnetized water

- It acts a natural body cleaner.

- Improvement of metabolism and in human digestive system function

- Reduction of chances to get afflicted with urolithiasis or kidney stone disease as a kind of prevention and treatment

- Aid to reduce heart attacks, stroke due to augmentation in inner wall of blood veins and better flow of blood