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1. WO2007091227 - A FOOTWAY PRODUCT

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1. A footway product comprising a base (2), an upper planar surface (7) on the base, a raised rim (9) surrounding the planar surface (7), a flexible graphic sheet (8) adhered by means of adhesive to the upper planar surface (7) and located within the raised rim (9) and wherein an upper surface of the graphic sheet (8) has graphic subject-matter printed thereon, and said upper surface of the graphic sheet (8) is slip resistant.

2. A footway product as claimed in claim 1, wherein the upper planar surface is on a raised portion (6) which extends upwardly from the base (2) and the base (2) has a perimeter area adjacent the raised portion 6, said perimeter area having a plurality of upwardly extending projections (5) to provide a slip resistant surface on said perimeter area, and wherein the tops of the projections (5) and the rim (9) are substantially flat and all lie in substantially the same plane as the top surface of the graphic sheet (8).

3. A footway product as claimed in claim 1 or claim 2, wherein the graphic sheet (8) is a flexible plastics film, e.g. a calendered vinyl film, coated on its undersurface with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and having a transparent overlaminate film bonded to the upper surface thereof, the upper surface of the overlaminate being a skid resistant surface.

4. A method of manufacturing a footway product as claimed in any of claims 1 to 3 comprising casting the footway product from a molten metal, shot-blasting the casting to provide a clean smooth finish on said upper planar surface (7), masking the upper planar surface (7), spray printing the remainder of the casting, removing the masking from the upper planar surface (7), and bonding the graphic sheet (8) to the unpainted upper planar surface (7) by means of an adhesive.

5. A footway product substantially as hereinbefore described with reference to, and as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 or Figures 3 and 4 or Figures 5 and 6 of the
accompanying drawings.