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1. WO2020134971 - REFRIGERATOR

Appl.Date 27.12.2018
Appl.No 2018245419 Applicant AQUA KK Pub.Kind A Pub.Lang ja
Inclusion Criteria IC5
Sole priority inside the family.
Pub.Date 09.07.2020
Appl.Date 06.12.2019
Appl.No PCT/CN2019/123665 Applicant AQUA CO., LTD Pub.Kind A Pub.Lang zh
Inclusion Criteria IC1
PCT application from which the family originated.
Pub.Date 02.07.2020
Appl.Date 06.12.2019
Appl.No 201980028187.7 Applicant AQUA CO., LTD. Pub.Kind A
Inclusion Criteria IC2
National entry of a PCT application.

If this application is not visible in the National Phase tab of the PCT application, its relationship to the PCT application is identified from the PCT or regional filing or publication information of its bibliographic data.

Pub.Date 08.01.2021