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1. A garbage compacting mechanism used in an electric garbage collecting vehicle provided with a front garbage tank comprises:

a tank lid used for covering the tank opening, having a horizontal semi-cylindrical integrated outer case that is opened at the bottom; the lid is mounted rotatablly around the horizontal shaft at the rear edge of the tank;

a horizontal semi-cylindrical garbage compacting trough having the center line that is coaxial with the centerline of the outer case, that is opened at the bottom and rotatable inside the outer case, disposed in the upper of garbage tank of the electric garbage collecting vehicle;

a plate-type compressor having a pressing length smaller than the length of garbage tank with one side integrated to garbage compacting trough; and

a planetary sprocket-chainwheel transmission mechanism mounted on the compressor for driving and transmiting the pressure include:

at lease one large chain fixed to the inner side of the semi-cylinder garbage compacting trough;

a electric garbage compacting motor fixed on the compressor;

two shafts which are rotatably coupled on the compressor, comprising the first shaft mounted to the first sprocket; and the second shaft mounted to the second sprocket that is fixed on the shaft and driven by the first sprocket, and the third sprocket fixedly mounted to the second shaft and engaged with a large chain; thereby, when garbage compacting electric motor is actived, the compressor will rotate and compact the garbage inside the garbage tank.

2. The garbage compacting mechanism according to claim 1, wherein a spring for opening the garbage compacting trough comprisea one end hooked the tank lid and the other end hooked garbage compacting trough to pull the garbage compacting trough and the compressor towards the original status of not working.

3. An electric garbage collecting vehicle comprises:

a frame made of section steel and get bent up at the front axle position to lower the chassis and reduce the height of the vehicle;

a garbage tank removably mounted to the front of vehicle, wherein the bottom of the garbage tank is fitted to the bent part of frame;

wheels including two front wheels and two rear wheels and at least one electric motor arranged under the frame, wherein the electric motor is operated by accumulators electricity and drives the wheels;

accumulators fixedly disposed on the frame and located at the rear of the garbage tank;

handlebars connected to a steering mechanism located in the rear and two rear wheels for driving the rear wheels and turning the electric vehicle;

a garbage compacting mechanism according to claim 1 or 2 disposed in the rear upper of the tank for compacting the garbage inside the tank.

4. The electric garbage collecting vehicle according to claim 3, wherein a floodproof structure for the electric motor of the garbage tank attached in the lower of garbage tank includes the floodproof protection member used for the electric motor is located underneath the tank and covering the upper surrounding of the electric motor and only opened at the bottom so that when the vehicle is driven to a flooding area, this outer floodproof case will keep the air on the top thereby forming pressure to prevent water from rising up to the electric motor.

5. The electric garbage collecting vehicle according to claim 3 or 4, wherein the steering mechanism comprises:

a vertically rotatable steering shaft fixed to the handlebar; and

a rotatable reversing mechanism connected to the steering shaft and shafts of two rear wheels so that when the steering shaft is rotated to the left, the two rear wheels shall be rotated to the right and vice versa, thereby the vehicle will turn in the same rotated direction of the handlebar and the driver will still feel like that the vehicle is changing in the same direction as the rotated direction of the handlebar.

6. The electric garbage collecting vehicle according to claim 5, wherein the rotatable reversing mechanism is a set of braces include two cross-braces (53) and (55) rotatably mounted on shafts of two rear wheels and connected together by a connecting rod (54) through a hinge joint; the brace (53) has a hinge joint at the middle for connecting the brace with the rear wheel shafts, and one end of the brace (53) is connected with one end of the connecting rod (54) through the hinge joint, the other end of the brace (53) is jointed with one end of the rod (52); the other end of the rod (52) is hinge jointed to the steering shaft (6).