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I claim the following things as proprietary to this patent:

1. Smart jar or container equipped with a micro-controller connected to the internet either through the Wifi or through a Ethernet cable

2. Dispenser for the Smart Jar which will be a combination of electronic solenoid valve, flow sensor and a tube to dispense the ingredients.

3. The Web Application which receives raw data from each of these devices and processes it to derive intelligent information from the raw data and process it and store information in a Database

4. The Artificial Intelligence engine which process the raw data to derive meaningful


5. The Database itself which stores information regarding the food parameters and other

nutritional facts and personality facts of the users.

6. The Mobile Application which pulls the processed data from the Database and give

information to the users.


a. From the Claim-1, the jars or containers can be made in any material, plastic, glass, metal or any other food grade composite material and in any shape and form as may be suitable for the use by users.

b. From the Claim-1, the processing unit can be made of any combination of micro-controllers and sensors which are currently available in the market and those that will be introduced later in a similar or much better configuration. This would enhance the usability of the devices and also add more features to the devices.

c. From the Claim-3, the Web Application can be written in any software program available in the market so as to enable a smooth experience to the customer and is not limited to any particular software program or platform or Operating system or any such inventions that will come up in the future.

d. From the Claim-4, the Aritificial Intelligence engine can be built with any current available technologies and also any combination of them available in the market today and also any future technologies or platforms or operating systems for the purpose of these devices. e. From the Claim-4, the Artificial Intelligence engine that will be written and enhanced based on any new inventions in the technology in future for the purpose of these devices.

f. From the Claim-5, the Database can be built on any form of the currently available database systems or any other future database systems that would be introduced in the market. g. From the Claim-6, the mobile application can be written in any platform or operating

system, device or any other devices that will be introduced in the market in future.

h. For the entire device and the ecosystem, the use of it is not limited to general consumers or grocery stores and that it can be used by any other establishment in future if there is a use for the same in those type of establishment or persons.

i. For the entire device and the ecosystem and the data contained therein would be the sole proprietary information of the patent holder with the general caveat of adhering to the privacy policies existing in the country of use.