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1. AU2005274549 - Chuck for retaining fixing elements for a friction welded connection

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What is claimed is:
1. Chuck (2) for the holding of fastening elements (1, 26), each provided with a radial pressure surface (19) and a driving profile (17), for a friction welded connection to a component (5) and for the transmission of rotational and pressing forces acting on a fastening element (1, 26), characterized in that the chuck (2) is provided with an annular receptacle (9) for transmit ting the rotational force, said annular receptacle (9) snugly embracing the inserted fastening element (1, 26), said fastening element (1, 26) having an axial multi-sided profile (17), wherein the chuck (2) comprises a pressure piece (18, 27), said pressure piece (18, 27) being retractable in the annular receptacle, wherein said pressure piece (18, 27) is guided by the annular re ceptacle (9) and is, for the feeding of a fastening element (1, 26) through a lateral opening (12) on the annular receptacle (9), retractable in the annular receptacle (9) to behind the opening (12) and is, after insertion of a fasten ing element (1, 26), advanceable into a waiting position against the pressure surface (19) of the fastening element (1, 26) such that, in the friction welding position, the fastening element (1, 26) presses during its rotation against the component (5), wherein, in the waiting position, the fastening element (1, 26), inserted into the annular receptacle (9), is held in the axial direction by radially inwardly projecting, retractable arresting parts (10, 11).
2. Chuck according to claim 1, characterized in that the annular receptacle (9) narrows its external opening in the direction away from the pressure piece (18, 27) as far as contact with the fastening element (1, 26).
3. Chuck according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that, for the processing of a stud-type fastening element (1), the pressure piece (18) is provided in the region of its hole (23) with a thereinto partially projecting clamping piece
(24), wherein said clamping piece (24) clamps in easily releasable manner in the waiting position a shank of the fastening element (1), said shank be ing held by the hole (23).
4. Chuck according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that, for the processing of a nut-type fastening element (26), the pressure piece (27) has an axially protruding pin (28), wherein, when the pressure piece (27) presses against the fastening element (26) in the waiting position, said pin (28) projects with a clamping piece into the threaded hole of the nut-type fastening ele ment (26) and clamps itself releasably therein.
5. Chuck according to any one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the ar resting parts (10, 11) are provided with a conical support surface (21, 22) for a fastening element (1, 26) which has been fed in and is held in the waiting position, over which support surface (21, 22) the fastening element (1, 26) slides, forcing the arresting parts (10, 11) away to the side, as the fastening element (1, 26) is moved into the friction-welding position.
6. Chuck according to any one of claims 1 to 5, characterized in that a feed channel (7) is connected to the lateral opening (12) on the annular recepta cle (9), said feed channel (7) transitioning with constant narrowing of its interior space as far as adapting to the multi-sided profile of the annular re ceptacle (9).
7. Chuck according to claim 1, characterized in that a non-rotatable ram (36), axially displaceable in the annular receptacle (30), is provided for the dis placement of the pressure piece (33, 59), wherein said ram (36) axially
drivingly and releasably engages the pressure piece (33, 59) on the side thereof facing away from the fastening element (1, 57), wherein, when the fastening element (1, 57) reaches the friction-welding position, the pressure piece (33, 59) locks itself with the annular receptacle (30) in such a manner that the annular receptacle (30) transmits the thereon acting rotational forces, together with the pressing forces, to the pressure piece (33, 59), the ram (36) being released from the pressure piece (33, 59).