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1. Device for heating rod-type, electrically conductive work pieces, comprising two heating modules that are disposed one directly behind the other, which are coupled with one another by way of a control module, so that a continuous heating chamber is formed, whereby the first heating module is formed by a gas oven ( 1), and the second heating module is formed by an induction oven ( 2), wherein the control module controls the process temperatures as a function of the process states of the two ovens, in each instance, and wherein a thermal uncoupling module is disposed between the first and the second heating module, which uncoupling module is configured in such a manner that flame flash-over from the first heating module into the second heating module is prevented, and wherein the induction oven ( 2) is configured in field-distributor-free manner.
2. Device according to claim 1, wherein the induction oven ( 2) has at least two heating zones that can be regulated independent of one another.
3- 5. (canceled)
6. Device according to claim 1, wherein means for cutting a heated work piece ( 5) to length are disposed on the second heating module.
7. Device according to claim 6, wherein the means for cutting to length are formed by hot shears ( 4) or a hot saw.