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4. (US20170180530) Disablement of Lost or Stolen Device

رقم الطلب: 15447832 تاريخ الطلب: 02.03.2017
رقم النشر: 20170180530 تاريخ النشر: 22.06.2017
نوع النشر: A1
التصنيف الدولي للبراءات:
H04M 1/67
H04W 12/08
H04W 48/02
المخترعون: Nicholas Bradley Tucker
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العنوان: (EN) Disablement of Lost or Stolen Device

The restricted use of a cellular network to facilitate disablement of a device that is suspected lost or stolen. Accordingly, even if the device is not capable of general use of the cellular network, disablement communications are still permitted across the cellular network. Accordingly, the device may receive a disable command from the disablement service over the cellular network, and acknowledge processing of the disable command to the disablement service also over the cellular network. Thus, efforts by an unauthorized possessor of the device to prevent disablement by removing the physical authentication module are thwarted. Likewise, turning the cellular service off using software settings at the device also does not prevent the device from being disabled via cellular network communication.