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1. (US20120117003) Geoengineering Method Of Business Using Carbon Counterbalance Credits

رقم الطلب: 12942701 تاريخ الطلب: 09.11.2010
رقم النشر: 20120117003 تاريخ النشر: 10.05.2012
نوع النشر: A1
التصنيف الدولي للبراءات:
G06Q 90/00
G06Q 10/06
G06Q 99/00
المتقدمون: Benaron David A.
المخترعون: Benaron David A.
بيانات الأولوية:
العنوان: (EN) Geoengineering Method Of Business Using Carbon Counterbalance Credits

A business method for providing an emissions trading approach value to products and services that provide active cooling of the Earth that provides a sustainable means for global cooling strategies to achieve commercial value, in order to drive development and real-world application of these approaches, comprising the steps of manufacturing a light-scattering nanoparticle (527), deploying the stratospheric nanoparticles for reducing solar radiation incident on the Earth (537), receiving Carbon Counterbalance Credits in exchange for the local, national, regional, or international benefits derived from said deployment (547), and derives income from selling said credits in order to create a sustainable and viable business (557). Systems, devices, and agents for deployment in accordance with the business method are also disclosed.