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1. WOWO/1999/051912 - MULTI-PURPOSE CANDLE LAMP14.10.1999
F21L 19/00
PCT/ZW1998/000004STANDISH-WHITE, Rory, ChandlerSTANDISH-WHITE, Rory, Chandler
The multi-purpose candle lamp of this invention is designed to operate as a wind resistant unit that can function as a lantern (with a 360 degree or directional light source), an emergency or standby cooker unit and an insect repelling device. Lightweight, robust and compact the product is designed for outdoor recreational activities and for use by armed forces. As a lantern it is fuelled by a standard candle cut in half for ease of candle re-supply worldwide. It is easy to load and light by virtue of its spring guide and opening heat deflector. A reflector fitted to the inside of the glass converts its 360 degree light into an amplified directional light source. Its telescopically extending glass mantle-housing unit allows for compact and protected storage of the lamp. A cooker ring, fuel burner and stand that all lock together for compact storage allow the lamp to be converted into a standby cooker operating on candle power or an emergency cooker operating on a purpose made environmentally friendly fuel gel. An attachment that carries a heat activated impregnated insect repelling pad can be fitted to the top of the lamp allowing it to operate simultaneously as a lantern and insect repelling device. A three part custom-made carry bag provides compact storage for the complete product and its fuel requirements for an average four day excursion.

B63C 11/02
PCT/ZW1998/000014STEFANINI, Alfredo, Ilvo, AldoSTEFANINI, Alfredo, Ilvo, Aldo
The invention relates to a dedicated item of luggage. The luggage is designed to carry diving equipment and is an open topped con tainer (1) with a lid (4). The container (1) has a storage zone for diving bottles of air/or oxygen as well as a plurality of compartments for receiving other items of diving equipment. The lid (4) is adapted to hold further items of diving equipment.

3. WOWO/1999/008292 - LIGHTNING ARRESTOR18.02.1999
H01C 7/12
PCT/ZW1998/000012RISI, Bryan, MichaelRISI, Bryan, Michael
A lightning arrestor includes a surge arrestor, a cap which is mounted on an end of the surge arrestor, in line with the surge arrestor, the cap being frangible when a current of a predetermined magnitude passes through the cap, and mounting brackets arranged on the surge arrestor and the cap. The mounting brackets enable the surge arrestor and cap to be mounted on an insulator such that destruction of the cap causes the surge arrestor to move into a position indicating failure of the surge arrestor.

4. WOWO/1999/007980 - A PRE-STRESSING DEVICE FOR A MINE PROP18.02.1999
E21D 15/52
PCT/ZW1998/000013CHENGETA, CuthbertFROST, Trevor, Charles
A pre-stressing device (10) comprises a generally tube shaped member (12) which has a closed supporting end (14) and side walls (16) which define a cylindrical chamber (18). An inlet (19) is provided in the side wall (16) to the chamber (18) near to the closed end (14) for introducing a pressurizing fluid into the chamber (18), the fluid flow through the inlet (18) being regulated by a non-return valve (20) mounted screw threadedly in the inlet (19). An open end (22) of the tube member (12) is driven into an end (23) of a timber prop (24) which is strengthened radially by wire strands (26) which are secured around the circumference of the prop (24). In this embodiment, an expandable material such a polyurethane foam or epoxy (which is capable of expanding up to 200 %) is pumped into the chamber (18) to cause the required increase in the pressure in the chamber (18) to pre-stress the device (10).

A01N 59/16
PCT/ZW1998/000011CAIRNS, Andrew, Lawrence, PatrickCAIRNS, Andrew, Lawrence, Patrick
A method of treating plants and compositions for use in the method are provided and wherein the method is aimed at improving growth and/or flower and fruit retention and production and/or rendering a plant more susceptible to treatment by foliar sprays and/or for other purposes. The method utilises a treatment composition comprising either a tungsten compound, conveniently a tungstate, or a synergistic mixture of allopurinol and a molybdenum compound, conveniently a molybdate such as potassium molybdate.

F02B 63/04
PCT/ZW1998/000010DU PLESSIS, Deon, JohnDU PLESSIS, Deon, John
The invention provides a method of providing a substantially stable supply of electrical energy under loading conditions. The method includes the steps of: 1) connecting a first generator connectably with a drive shaft of a drive means; 2) connecting a second generator to the drive shaft; 3) electrically connecting the first generator to the second generator such that, in use, substantially all the electrical energy generatable by the first generator energises field coils of the second generator. The invention further provides an electrical power generation unit for carrying out the method. Yet further, the invention provides a portable welding unit including the electrical power generation unit of the invention.

7. WOWO/1999/001623 - INTERENGAGING BUILDING UNITS14.01.1999
E04B 1/12
PCT/ZW1998/000009BRIGHTON, Barry, DavidWOLFOWITZ, Suzanna, Helena
A polymeric buidling unit which is inexpensive and versatile comprises an extruded sheet having integral claw formations therebehind. The claw formations are adapted to receive, in one form, T-shaped complemental formations on adjacent units or connectors.

G09B 1/06
PCT/ZW1998/000008VAN DEN BERG, Danie, FransVAN DEN BERG, Danie, Frans
An aid is provided for the development of persons, in particular children, or for the evaluation of the perceptivity of persons. The aid utilises a surface (1), generally provided on a mat or carpet, and wherein a series of positions (2) are demarcated on the surface such that a person can move between positions on a selective basis. Instructions conveniently in the form of visible instruction sheets (3) preferably supported on a stand (6) serve to indicate to a person a desired course of movement (7) through a series of positions. The positions are preferably located relative to each other in a grid-like relationship.

E05B 67/22
PCT/ZW1998/000006BRIGHTON, Barry, DavidSPIES, Rodney, Christoffel
A padlock comprises a body (3) and a shackle (4) having a pair of parallel pins (5, 6) at least the ends of which are selectively securable in the body (3), a shield (7; 30; 51; 61; 71; 81) being provided, from which the pins extend, the shield being shaped such as to provide limited exposure of the shackle.

F17C 13/02
PCT/ZW1998/000007BRIGHTON, Barry, DavidBRIGHTON, Barry, David
A handheld gas content scale (1) for indicating the remaining weight of gas, such as low pressure gas, in a portable size of gas cylinder (10). The scale comprises a body defining an operatively approximately horizontal handle (2, 25, 37, 67, 95); at least one object support member (4, 28, 45, 73, 84, 98, 105) adapted for engagement with a gas cylinder; a weight activated mechanism (13, 23, 36, 70, 94, 108) at least partly housed in the body and adapted to be stressed by the weight of a gas cylinder supported by the object support member when the latter is supported by the handle; and indicator means (16, 30, 62, 64 and 65, 93, 99, 111) located in an operatively upper region of the handle defining body and directed upwardly for visibility from above. Means (15, 26, 39, 73, 104) are provided for zeroing the indicator means to reflect a 'zero' weight when an empty gas cylinder is supported by the scale.

Results 1-10 of 14 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:FR Stemming: true
préc. 1 2 suiv.