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1. WOWO/2014/184515 - PAGE TABLE DATA MANAGEMENT20.11.2014
G06F 12/10
Page table data for each page within a memory address space includes a write permission flag and a dirty-bit-modifier flag. The write permission flag is initialised to a value indicating that write access is not permitted. When a write access occurs, then the dirty-bit-modifier flag indicates whether or not the action of the write permission flag may be overridden. If the action of the write permission flag may be overridden, then the write access is permitted and the write permission flag is changed to indicate that write access is thereafter permitted. A page for which the write permission flag indicates that writes are permitted is a dirty page.

2. WOWO/2014/184514 - HARD SURFACE CLEANING DEVICE20.11.2014
A47L 1/05
The present invention relates to a hard surface cleaning device (10) including: a surface-contacting assembly (12) having a suction opening (58); a body (14) providing a suction source (26) in fluid communication with the suction opening (58) for sucking a fluid mixture of liquid and air from a hard surface; a rotation assembly (42) mounted on the body (14) for rotation relative to the body (14), the rotation assembly (42) being rotationally fixed relative to the surface-contacting assembly (12), a separation chamber (45) in which liquid is separated from the fluid mixture, the separation chamber (45) providing a suction inlet (46) in fluid communication with the suction opening (58), a suction outlet (48) in fluid communication with the suction source (26), and a drainage outlet (50) for connection to a receptacle (16) for receiving liquid separated from the fluid mixture via the drainage outlet (50).

3. WOWO/2014/184516 - PLASTIC MOULDING METHOD20.11.2014
B29C 47/04
PCT/GB2014/051048KILIM, RafaelKILIM, Rafael
A method of plastic moulding to form a moulded or extruded article, the method employing a moulding apparatus comprising a barrel containing a screw extending between a feed zone supplied by a feed hopper for plastics material, a compression zone and a metering zone for delivery of molten plastics material to a mould or extrusion die, the method comprising introducing into the feed zone a first plastics material (20) and a single body of a second plastics material (22), the first plastics material (20) having a different physical property to the second plastics material and the second plastics material (22) being introduced into the feed zone in a size and a frequency of delivery relative to the flow of the material through the barrel such that the second plastics material (22) is substantially melted and blended with the first plastics material to form a third plastics material with a different physical property to the first or second plastics material across the whole cross sectional area of the metering zone, the molten plastics material delivered to the mould or extrusion die in a predetermined sequence with each plastics material having different physical properties.

A61B 1/00
A laryngoscope (10) includes a video camera ((13) at the patient end of its blade (11) that supplies video signals to a processor (14) in the handle (12). The processor (14) supplies signals to a display (15) supported on the handle (15). The laryngoscope also has a connector (17) on its handle (12) to which is connected the output of a video bougie guide (20) used with the laryngoscope. A switch (18) on the handle (12) enables the user to select which video output is shown on the display (15). Alternatively, images from both the bougie (20) and the laryngoscope (10) can be shown at the same time side-by-side on the display (15).

5. WOWO/2014/184519 - RF SIGNAL GENERATING DEVICE20.11.2014
H04B 17/00
Apparatus (8) for generating an RF signal for use in RF signal detection is described. The apparatus comprises at least one processor (21, 22) configured to generate a set of IQ data based on at least one set of weighted IQ data, each set of weighted IQ data having a respective weight and a circuit (24) configured to generate an RF signal using the set of IQ data. The at least one processor is configured to calculate each respective weight in dependence upon location of a signal detector (1; Fig. 8) or an antenna (41; Fig. 8) associated with the RF signal detector.

6. WOWO/2014/184518 - STATOR20.11.2014
H02K 7/18
PCT/GB2014/051285NGENTEC LTDPAWEL, Hanczewski
The invention relates to a stator module (21) for a multi-phase electrical machine. The stator module comprises a plurality of stator blades assembled together in an axial side-by-side arrangement and having an air gap between adjacent blades. Each stator blade comprises multiple coils (23, 25, 27) which may be embedded in a resin or encapsulation compound. One coil (23) in a stator blade is electrically connected to a corresponding coil (23') in an adjacent stator blade to provide one electrical phase. Stator modules (21) may be juxtaposed in the same plane to form a stator modular assembly (30). Each stator module is provided with an independent cooling system (50, Fig. 5). Advantageously, if a coil (23, 25, 27) or cooling system fails then a complete stator module (21) can be removed without affecting the operation of remaining stator modules within a multi-phase electrical machine.

7. WOWO/2014/184517 - A PROPULSION SYSTEM20.11.2014
B63H 21/20
This disclosure is directed towards a propulsion system suitable for work machines, particularly marine vessels. The propulsion system comprises a transmission configured to provide a power output and at least one first energy conversion machine. The propulsion system also comprises at least one power unit operable to selectively drive the transmission and/or the at least one first energy conversion machine. At least one second energy conversion machine operable to selectively drive or be driven by the transmission is also provided. A power transfer arrangement is also provided for transferring power between the first and second energy conversion machines.

8. WOWO/2014/184579 - CONTAINER WITH OUTLET20.11.2014
B29C 45/14
This invention relates to containers of the kind having an outlet through which product is to be dispensed, e.g. food product. There is provided a container for product to be dispensed. The container has an upper part intended to move or deform in order to reduce the volume within the container. The container has an outlet intended to open during movement or deformation of said upper part. The outlet comprises a plurality of movable parts. The outlet further comprises a plurality of fixed parts located between said movable parts. The movable and fixed parts are arranged for shaping product as it is dispensed from the container through the outlet. A method of dispensing and a vending machine for dispensing portions of ice cream or other frozen product from the container are also provided.

G01N 33/564
A method for aiding in categorising or determining prognosis in a subject with COPD, or in selecting a therapeutic strategy for a subject with COPD, or in monitoring disease progression or assessing effectiveness of a treatment regime for COPD, the method comprising the step of assessing the antibody response to carbonylated vimentin in a sample obtained from the subject. The method may further comprise the step of selecting a treatment regime making use of the information on the antibody response to carbonylated vimentin in the sample. The step of assessing of the antibody response to carbonylated vimentin may comprise the step of determining the ratio of IgG to IgM in the antibody response to carbonylated vimentin.

10. WOWO/2014/184509 - GOLF TRAINING AID20.11.2014
A63B 69/36
PCT/GB2014/000183COE, Leslie, EdwardCOE, Leslie, Edward
The invention relates to a golf training aid (1). Aid has a base plate (10) for placement of the ground and adapted to support a first linear stick (A) extending therefrom parallel to the ground, an arm (20) pivoted to the base plate adapted to support a second linear stick (B) extending therefrom, the arm (20) pivoting in a plane normal to the first stick (A), angle measurement means (12) to set the arm at a predetermined angle, and means (13,23,24) to releasably lock the arm at the predetermined angle to the base.

Results 1-10 of 105,503 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:FR Stemming: true
préc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 suiv.