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F01K 17/04
PCT/EG2013/000013EL-MONAYER, Ahmed El-Sayed MohamedEL-MONAYER, Ahmed El-Sayed Mohamed
A thermodynamic cycle composing of two sub-cycles, an evaporation cycle, in which we should select a fluid (A) with a low latent heat (for example Rll) and a condensation cycle, in which we should select a fluid (B) with a very high latent heat, and low density (for example water). This cycle can be used to generate mechanical energy and can be used with a distillation unit to distill water. The fluid (A) in the evaporation cycle is evaporated, so it expand and move through a pipe to a height H, then it condensed by the other fluid (B) in the condensation cycle, that is also pumped to the height H, the Fluid A is then filling a pipe with height H. At the bottom of the pipe a hydrostatic turbine (115) generates a mechanical energy that is proportional to the height H. The energy gained from the turbine can be maximized by using a multistage cycles where using the heat energy that fluid (B) gains from condensating the fluid (A) in one stage to evaporate the fluid (A) in another stage. The evaporation stage may contain a steam turbine between evaporator (111) and condensor (113).

2. WOWO/2014/191007 - A COMPASS04.12.2014
B43L 9/00
PCT/EG2014/000018EL-SHORBAGY, Mohamed, Amin, HassanEL-SHORBAGY, Mohamed, Amin, Hassan
The new compass consists of central hole rounded by transparent plastic circular disc available to make rotation easily around this central hole and there is another hole at the side (side hole) connected to metal slides (slices) available to slide one on the other internally or externally from the circular disc and recorded on it centimeters scale - when we pull the side hole externally, the slides slide one over the other where the centimeters scale moves on the pointer until we reach to the length wanted of the radius of the circle - we can pull the side hole externally or push it internally like the aerial of radio, the pointer will sign to the centimeter of the radius length by moving the side hole externally or internally, by that we can determine the length wanted of the circle radius, we put the pencil in the central hole to draw the center of the circle and fixing of the compass, then we put another pencil in the side hole after determine the radius length to draw the circle by the rotation of the pencil in the side hole about the pencil in the central hole until we draw the complete circle.

3. WOWO/2014/180486 - THE SUSTAINED POWER MACHINERY13.11.2014
F03B 17/00
PCT/EG2014/000015KANDEL, Mohamed Essmat Ali MohamedKANDEL, Mohamed Essmat Ali Mohamed
From nonexistence it is a machine that can generate electricity regularly, permanently, securely and it is also environmentally friendly. It is a machine with limited components through which we can generate unlimited power electricity. It was designed by providing power for electric power turbines regularly through a closed circulation to a limited amount of suitable fluid as water passes forcefully pushing in its direction fans of electric power turbines without stopping as its inside design is so flexible that it controls its size so as to be so small to be put in a car or big to provide power to giant electric power turbines. This machine opens the window for a new era and provides us with our great needs from power sufficiently and an age that may end its conflicts on limited power resources. The permanent power machine will have its great value from the importance of electricity itself that controls our life greatly to make it easier.

F03G 4/00
PCT/EG2014/000012SABER, Mohamed NoorSABER, Mohamed Noor

G08B 13/14
PCT/EG2013/000024MOHAMED, Osama Aziz El-Masry AliMOHAMED, Osama Aziz El-Masry Ali
The invention is mainly about introducing an Integral Baggage Boarding Verification System operated by the Airlines that can be combined with the different Baggage Handling Systems operated by the Airports to address the high mishandled baggage rate occurring every year which causes bad reputation and high compensation expenses to the airlines. This can be achieved through equipping each Aircraft (Cargo Area) with a Fixed RFID Reader (including GSM/GPRS Module) along with assigning RFID Tags for each Checked In Baggage. Accordingly each baggage will be verified that it has boarded the aircraft via reading its RFID Tag as it gets loaded to the aircraft. After finalizing the baggage loading process to the aircraft and before taking off, a consolidated report of the boarded baggage will be wirelessly transmitted to the Airline On-Site Office where it can be cross-matched with the boarded baggage/passengers report provided by the Airport and hence spotting any missing/unknown baggage on the aircraft before taking off and taking the corrective action accordingly. This ensures a more proactive way of detecting any mishandled baggage in a timely manner and in regardless of the efficiency of the airport baggage handling system being advanced or normal, hence reducing the mishandled baggage rates for the Airlines to save their reputation and avoid compensation expenses which will definitely lead to adding a competitive edge to some airlines over the others.

6. WOWO/2014/161555 - ELECTRICITY GENERATOR WITH JET09.10.2014
F03G 7/00
PCT/EG2013/000007YOUSSEF, Mohsen Nasr Eldin AlyYOUSSEF, Mohsen Nasr Eldin Aly
The invention concerns a rotary disc motor which uses compressed air to produce electricity. The compressed air is propelled through holes in the outer periphery of the jet rotary disc, along 12 pipes secured between the rotary disc and the compressed air source, via apertures provided over the periphery of the rotary shaft. The propulsion of the compressed air causes the rotation of the jet disc which is connected to an electricity generator.

7. WOWO/2014/154222 - AUTOMATIC DENTAL BUR CHANGER02.10.2014
A61C 1/14
PCT/EG2013/000006SAMODONI, Tamer, EssamSAMODONI, Tamer, Essam
An automatic electro-mechanical dental bur changer machine that performs robotic mid- procedural bur-changes for a hand-held dental handpiece (1) in a dental clinical setup. When the dental practitioner decides to change a bur (Id) amid his clinical procedure, he has only to remove his handpiece (1) out of the operative field and insert the head (la) thereof into the machine, and thence the machine will fully perform all the steps of bur-changing automatically on behalf of the practitioner without requiring his manual intervention whatsoever. The practitioner can maintain his natural operative-grip of the handpiece (1) seamlessly throughout the process. The machine is composed of a plurality of parts in assembly and the function thereof is automated by means of an electronic- control-circuit which orchestrates the interplay between a plurality of feedback sensors and a plurality of electric actuators that drive the assembly. The mechanical parts of the machine that constitute the immediate mechanical interfaces of the handpiece (1) and the burs during function, namely a handpiece-housing and a bur-holder (11) respectively, are dismountable for sterilization purposes. The bur replacement sequence is inputted into the machine via an electronic user-interface such that the sequence may be entered as single selections before each bur-changing cycle, or, as a preprogrammed sequence entered at the beginning of the clinical session.

G01C 21/26
An Intelligent Integrated Traffic Management System that depends on continuous wireless two way data communication between all moving vehicles and a Main Traffic Operations Center via GSM/GPRS Technology where Traffic Operations Officers can perform all their day to day traffic operations functions wirelessly, accurately, and in a timely manner. The system infrastructure constitutes hardware components which are represented in Monitoring Units equipped in each vehicle and RF Traffic Regulation Transmitting Tag Units fixed in road intersections along with software components which are represented in the Main Server Software Application installed in the Main Traffic Operations Center and a special Unique Configuration on each of the two hardware components. The two hardware units are designed in a unique way combining different technologies i.e. GPS, GSM/GPRS, RF, RFID, Digital Compass, Fingerprint Detection, etc., along with sophisticated Software Application/Configuration installed in the Main Traffic Operations Center and the Hardware Units.

9. WOWO/2014/139541 - TOILET WITH A DUAL FLUSH18.09.2014
E03D 11/18
PCT/EG2014/000009SHAABAN, Tarek MohamadSHAABAN, Tarek Mohamad
In the care of environmental protection, and water economy, we created a toilet with a dual flush, This system will avoid to waste running water thanks to the use of a flush, which will provide only one liter of water in the reservoir and the bowl of W.C. Thanks to the second flush without water, to its spring, and the installation of a flexible extensible pipe, in form of returned « U », this innovation will drain away the toilet wastes, faster and only with one liter of water. The form of this curvet will also avoid bad smelled sewage, but also will avoid toilet clogged.

F02C 6/18
PCT/EG2014/000008ATTA, Moustafa Mahmoud Abd El-DaymATTA, Moustafa Mahmoud Abd El-Daym
the Temperature difference in the combustion chamber and the exhaust outlet in aircraft engines and gas turbines in power stations, can make us to install thermoelectric generators with optimal design to produce the largest electrical energy as possible and reduce thermal resistance of heat transfer as possible to protect the walls of the combustion chamber from damage, select suitable thermoelectric materials with efficiency as high as possible and has high temperature limit, this Temperature difference with thermoelectric generators lead to generate electricity and also to improve efficiency, reduce pollution and decrease fuel consumption.

Results 1-10 of 406 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:FR Stemming: true
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