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1. WOWO/2014/197915 - AN APPLICATOR11.12.2014
B65D 83/64
PCT/ZA2014/000012JAMISON, MichaelJAMISON, Michael
THIS invention relates to an applicator. More specifically, the invention relates to applicator for containing, dispensing and spreading fiowable content onto another object. Although the invention may be used in respect of any fiowable content, it is envisaged that the applicator will be used primarily in respect of edible spreads, i.e. butter, margarine, etc. The applicator includes a container for holding fiowable content and at least one flattened end on the container for in use spreading fiowable content dispensed from the container. The applicator further includes one or more dispensing apertures defined by the container for dispensing fiowable content therethrough, wherein the one or more dispensing apertures are located at or near the flattened end of the container, and further wherein the one or more dispensing apertures span, or are spaced relative to one another, along the width of the flattened end.

2. WOWO/2014/194340 - VALVE FOR A TAP OR FAUCET04.12.2014
PCT/ZA2014/000022TURK, Marc TimothyTURK, Marc Timothy
A screw-down mechanism (10) for a valve for a tap, the mechanism comprising a screw-down stem (12) locatable inside a valve housing (14), the base of the stem (12) being receivable in a valve seat (42), characterised in that the stem comprises an upper spline (20), coaxially mountable on a shaft (22), the lower portion of which is threaded (23), the base of the upper spline (20) including a first corrugated disk (24), engageable with a second corrugated disk (28) located on the shaft (22).

3. WOWO/2014/194341 - CONTAINMENT ASSEMBLY04.12.2014
PCT/ZA2014/000024DUNCAN, Douglas, MalcomDUNCAN, Douglas, Malcom
A containment assembly which includes a container, a plurality of linked wall sections which, in a storage mode, are arrangeable side by side and substantially parallel to one another at least partly inside the container and which are movable to an operative mode in which the wall sections are pivotally interconnected to one another and are in ground-engaging positions to form at least part of a boundary of an enclosure.

4. WOWO/2014/194338 - PUMPING SYSTEM04.12.2014
PCT/ZA2014/000016ERLS MINING (PTY) LTDWOOD, Richard Roy
A pump unit which includes a pipe, a flexible bladder inside the pipe, an operating volume between an outer surface of the bladder and an opposing inner surface of the pipe, a valve arrangement to introduce pressurised water into the operating volume and to allow pressurised water to flow from the operating volume and another valve arrangement to allow slurry to flow into the interior of the bladder as water is expelled from the operating volume and to- allow slurry to flow from the bladder when water is introduced into the operating volume.

5. WOWO/2014/194339 - BLADE ARRANGEMENT FOR A DIVING FIN04.12.2014
PCT/ZA2014/000018COUZYN, Rhys, JamesCOUZYN, Rhys, James
A dive fin comprising a blade extending from a foot pocket, the inner portion of the blade comprising a flap capable of independent movement in relation to the body of the blade when the blade is placed under pressure.

6. WOWO/2014/179820 - SOLAR COOKER06.11.2014
A47J 36/00
PCT/ZA2013/000080VAN WYK, Johannes AbrahamVAN WYK, Johannes Abraham
A solar cooker (10) includes a container (14) having a transparent operative top surface (22) and an operative side wall (24) that defines an aperture (26). A dwelling wall (12) defines an aperture (20), which is framed by a wall mount (16) secured to the dwelling wall (12). The container (14) is connected to the wall mount (16) and movably relative to the wall mount (16) so as to permit proper alignment of the container (14) with the sun. A flexible conduit (18) may connect the wall mount (16) to the container (14). Alternatively, a portion of the container side wall (124) and a portion of the wall mount (1 16) may be curved so as to nest one within the other and permit relative slidable movement therebetween.

7. WOWO/2014/172718 - A FILLER NOZZLE ASSEMBLY23.10.2014
The invention provides a rock drill adaptor which makes use of the supportive function of a rock drill associated with an air leg or a similar mounting device, such as that described in the specification to ZA2009/07868 (hereinafter also referred to as "a vertically extensible support"), as a means to inflate a pressure vessel, such as a rock bolt, and retain a mesh support against a rock wall simultaneously.

PCT/ZA2014/000019NORDEN, Christian, EmmanuelNORDEN, Christian, Emmanuel
According to the invention there is provided a transition arrangement for an aircraft for aiding stabilization of an aircraft between substantially vertical and horizontal flight of the aircraft, the transition arrangement including an aerofoil and mounting means for mounting the aerofoil rotatably between a leading and / or a trailing edge of an aircraft wing.

9. WOWO/2014/172717 - NON-WAX PAPER COATING23.10.2014
PCT/ZA2014/000005SEAL CHEMISTRY (PTY) LTDKNOX, Douglas, Alistair, Herbert
This invention relates to a water based composition for coating paper, particularly paper based food and confectionary packaging and to a method of manufacturing the composition. The invention includes paper products coated with the composition, particularly paper food and confectionary packaging adapted to replace hot wax coated packaging. The composition comprises 10 to 30% by volume of an aqueous film forming heat-seal acrylic emulsion and 15 to 40% by volume of an aqueous ethylene acrylic copolymer resin in a blend vehicle constituted by an aqueous polyethylene emulsion together with one or more additives, in which the acrylic emulsion is a styrene acrylic resin and in which the additives include one or more of an emulsion stabiliser, an anti-foaming agent and a lubricant that is formulated to provide slip and anti-blocking characteristics.

10. WOWO/2014/165868 - SYRINGE AND AN ACCESSORY THEREFOR09.10.2014
A61M 5/315
PCT/ZA2014/000011ARMSTRONG, Sean TerrenceARMSTRONG, Sean Terrence
An accessory (10) for a syringe (12) includes a body (14) sized and shaped in use to locate either over finger flanges (24) on a syringe or to a barrel of a syringe. Securing means (16), in use, secure the body to either the finger flanges or the barrel (22) of a syringe. The body defines a primary bay (38) for receiving a plunger rod (26) therein, the primary bay: (i) includes at least one nipple (18) extending from the body into the primary bay, the nipple forming a constriction along the primary bay through which the plunger rod must, in use, pass before being captured within the primary bay with a portion of the body engaging the array of notches and/or protuberances (34) on the plunger rod; and (ii) is sized and shaped such that, in use, when the body is secured to finger flanges or barrel of a syringe and a plunger rod is received and captured within the primary bay, the longitudinal axis of the plunger rod is aligned with the longitudinal axis of the syringe barrel.

Results 1-10 of 2,014 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:ES Stemming: true
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