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1. WOWO/2014/063170 - GAS COOKER FOR GRILLING FOOD24.04.2014
A47J 37/07
The invention provides a cooking apparatus which includes an open topped heat resistant housing, and means for supporting foodstuffs to be cooked inside the housing, and including at least one gas burner mounted in a sidewall of the housing for cooking the foodstuffs.

A47K 5/03
PCT/ZA2013/000078LOPES, Renato Luiz PereiraLOPES, Renato Luiz Pereira
This invention relates to a combination soap box and handle (10, 110). More specifically, the invention relates to a container (12, 112) that in a first configuration houses a soap bar (200), for example for the purposes of travelling, and has a second configuration. The combination soap box and handle (10, 110) includes a container (12, 112), a lid (14, 114) and a means (16, 116) for securing a soap bar (200) to the lid (14, 114). The container (12, 112) has a base (18, 118) and sidewalls extending from the base to form a container opening (22). The lid (14, 1 14) is releasably attachable to the container (12, 112) in a first configuration, wherein the soap bar (200) is enclosable within a cavity (26) jointly defined by the lid (14, 114) and the container (12, 112) and a second configuration, wherein the soap bar (200) is locatable of the container (12, 112), the container (12, 112) in the second configuration functioning as a handle for a user to soap his/or her body during bathing.

G08G 1/14
PCT/ZA2013/000049OOSTERBERG, Adrian MichaelOOSTERBERG, Adrian Michael
A parking monitoring system includes a device having a unique identifier; a reader that, when located in close proximity to the device, reads the unique identifier of the device; the device being located within a parking bay such that, when the parking bay is occupied by a vehicle, access to the device by the reader is restricted, thereby restricting the reader's ability to read the unique identifier of the device; and a database that stores the status of the parking bays; and the steps of: instructing a user via the reader within a predetermined time period to read the unique identifier of the device in a bay that, according to the database, is vacant; and locating the reader within such predetermined time period in close proximity to such device to read the unique identifier of such device and thereby confirm the vacant status of such bay on the database.

4. WOWO/2014/059452 - CAN END17.04.2014
B65D 17/00
PCT/ZA2013/000076WHEELDON, Ronald, Brandon, RichardWHEELDON, Ronald, Brandon, Richard
A can end (10) includes a substantially planar portion (12) and a first frangible line (18) on the substantially planar portion (12). The first frangible line (18) divides the substantially planar portion (i2) into: a first cover (20) substantially bounded by the first frangible line (18); and a residual portion (22). The can end (10) further includes: means (24) for separating the first cover (20) from the residual portion (22) along the first frangible line (18) to create an aperture therebetween; and a second cover (i4) secured to the residual portion (22). Such that, the second cover (14) at least partially closes the aperture when the first cover (20) is partially separated from the residual portion (22).

5. WOWO/2014/059453 - CABINET STORAGE SYSTEM17.04.2014
A47B 53/02
PCT/ZA2013/000077TROXLER, DouglasTROXLER, Douglas
A cabinet storage system includes a first cabinet, a second cabinet and at least two wheels on the operative base of each of the first and second cabinets. The cabinets are secured to each other by: an upper connector comprising a first connector member that defines a track, which first connector member is connected to the operative upper half of the first cabinet; and a second connector member that is at least partially locatable within and slideable along the track, which second connector member is secured to the operative upper half of the second cabinet, such that, when connected to each other, relative slidable movement of the cabinets is guided and limited by the upper connector.

6. WOWO/2014/059451 - PUMP17.04.2014
B01F 13/00
A pump assembly wherein two side-by-side collapsible containers are simultaneously compressed so as to expel materials, held in the containers, in substantially equal volumes. The expelled materials are mixed to make an explosive composition.

B60R 25/10
PCT/ZA2013/000074NARAINSAMY, Adele KatrineNARAINSAMY, Selvanathan
The invention relates to a vehicle central locking system that is adapted to curb vehicle theft in which the perpetrator uses a jamming device to override the locking signal emitted by the hand-held remote locking actuator. The lock actuation system (10) is integrated with the vehicle central locking system which is actuated by a hand-held remote (14). When operated by a motorist (16), the remote (14) transmits a RF locking signal (18) that, in normal circumstances, will be received by the vehicle transceiver (12) of the vehicle central locking system. If the locking signal is received (20), the vehicle transceiver (12) transmits an acknowledgement signal (22) to the remote (14).

8. WOWO/2014/052994 - A FISHHOOK03.04.2014
A01K 83/00
PCT/ZA2013/000072LEIGH, Stephen, AndrewLEIGH, Stephen, Andrew
The invention relates to a fishhook (10), the fishhook having an eyelet (12), a shank portion (14), a hook portion (16) and securing means (18) in the region of a junction of the shank and hook portions for securing attachments to the fishhook.

E21D 20/00
PCT/ZA2013/000071HOLFELD, Barry, GraemeHOLFELD, Barry, Graeme
A valve which includes a stud (14), fixed to a device (12) which is to be pressurised, a coupler member (16) which is connected to a pressurised water source and an arrangement which retains the coupler member engaged with the stud and which breaks, causing the coupler member to disengage from the stud, when the pressure in the device is at a design value.

10. WOWO/2014/043725 - URINAL INSERT20.03.2014
E03D 13/00
PCT/ZA2013/000059COETZEE, John, JCOETZEE, John, J
The invention provides a urinal insert. The urinal insert includes a plurality of pebble formations arranged on a domed structure configured to fit in the interior of a urinal with the majority of the pebbles having a non-circular cross sectional shape in plan view.

Results 1-10 of 1,972 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:ES Stemming: true
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