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1. WOWO/2014/200450 - PACKAGE FOR TISSUES18.12.2014
B65D 83/08
The invention relates to packaging means for the storage and removal therefrom of disposable hygiene articles, primarily tissues. A package for tissues formed by a blank (1) which is provided with bend lines (2) for forming a bottom wall (3), a front wall (4), a rear wall (5), a left side wall (6), a right side wall (7), a top wall (8) and connecting flaps (9), which form a box-like container with an inner cavity (10) for accommodating a pile of tissues, wherein the front wall (4) is provided with a frontal slot (11) which extends from the top edge to the bottom wall (3), and the length L1 of the top wall (8) is less than the length L2 of the left and right walls (6, 7), the top wall (8) abutting the rear wall (5) and also the left and right side walls (6, 7) such that an aperture (12) is formed between the top wall (8) and the front wall (4) in order for a user to insert a pile of tissues or remove tissues. The technical result is that of increasing the ease with which tissues, particularly tissues remaining in the bottom part of the cavity of the package, can be taken hold of and removed, and of providing the user with the possibility of refilling the packaging with a new pile of tissues and removing tissues via the top aperture, thus significantly increasing ease of use.

A61K 36/481
PCT/UA2013/000100PONOMAROV, Mykhailo I.PONOMAROV, Mykhailo I.
The invention relates to the field of medicine, and more particularly to preparations and food supplements for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. A food supplement for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases contains Russian milk vetch (Astragalus dasyanthus Pall), Siberian hawthorn blossom (Crataegus sanguinea Pall), creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.), Baikal skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi), horse mint (Mentha longifolia), giant hyssop (Agastache foeniculum), oregano (Origanum vulgare), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.), and also succinic acid, lemon flavouring and bergamot flavouring in the following ratio: 60-85 wt.% Russian milk vetch; 5-12 wt.% giant hyssop;1-10 wt.% Siberian hawthorn blossom; 1-10 wt.% oregano; 1-10 wt.% Baikal skullcap; 1-6 wt.% lemon balm; 1-6 wt.% horse mint; 1-2 wt.% creeping thyme; 0.5-1.0 wt.% succinic acid; 0.05 wt.% lemon flavouring; and 0.15 wt.% bergamot flavouring. A food supplement is provided for the treatment and prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases. The food supplement does not have negative side effects, and provides the effect of improved cardiovascular activity even after a single dose of the preparation.

3. WOWO/2014/200451 - SERVOMOTOR18.12.2014
H02K 29/06
PCT/UA2014/000055SIDORENKO, Yuri GrygorovychSIDORENKO, Yuri Grygorovych
The invention relates to multi-rotor servomotors and can be used in aviation, for example for controlling aerodynamic surfaces, and in numerical control machine tools, robots, etc. The technical result is a simplified design and increased reliability as a result of a reduction in the friction between structural components that interact during operation. A servomotor comprises a base, on which a multi-rotor arc-type servomotor with magnetic rotor engagement is mounted, said servomotor comprising at least two multi-pole rotors in the form of cylinders with parallel axes of rotation, and also arc-type windings provided with rotor position sensors, the working surface of each winding having the shape of a cylindrical arc and being mounted with the same clearance from the lateral cylindrical surface of the corresponding rotor and partially surrounding said rotor. A clearance is provided between adjacent rotors to enable the magnetic fields of neighbouring rotors to interact in order to generate and transmit torque to a neighbouring rotor. An output of the position sensor of each rotor is connected to an input of a control unit. The outputs of the control unit are connected to corresponding arc-type multi-phase windings.

G06F 3/044
PCT/UA2014/000004BATMORE CAPITAL LTDMOROKKO, Oleksandr Ihorovych
The utility model relates to structural elements of electronic devices and can be used for controlling the brightness of screen backlighting or for controlling other electronic device functions. Proposed is a sensor strip for controlling an electronic device, said strip containing a plurality of capacitive sensors built-in to an electronic device, said capacitive sensors being connected, by means of individual conductors, to a controller microcircuit which is connected to a central processor of the electronic device; a voltage converter is additionally connected to the processor.

A01G 13/00
PCT/UA2014/000052YAVORSKYI, Anatoliy YakovychYAVORSKYI, Anatoliy Yakovych
A tent for protecting natural grass lawns is related to means for protecting against unfavorable climatic conditions, and specifically to means for protecting against solar rays, particularly in regard to grass football fields. The technical result is a simpler, faster tent installation process. The tent contains sheets (1) made of light-permeable material, which material can be polyethylene or polypropylene, covered with aluminum foil. The sheets can be connected to each other by means of fasteners (5). During the tent installation process, the sheets (1) are positioned on frameworks (2) having apertures (4) for lawn-watering. The framework (2) is in the form of a metal-plastic spiral. The tent provides necessary shade and creates a specific micro-climate which has a positive effect on the condition of the lawn.

6. WOWO/2014/196947 - MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOTHPASTE11.12.2014
A61K 8/24
PCT/UA2014/000060PRAVDIN, Valeriy ValentinovchPRAVDIN, Valeriy Valentinovch
The invention relates to the field of medicine, and more particularly to dentistry, and can be used as a dental and oral cavity hygiene agent and as a healing and prophylactic dental agent. A mutlifunctional toothpaste comprising a base that includes an abrasive material, a shape-giving thickening agent, a humectant, a cleansing and foaming agent, a sweetening agent, active substances, and a solvent, and additionally comprising a phytobase, wherein the active substances are in the form of a phytoactive agent based on plant products that are selected taking into account a comprehensive individualized approach to oral problems, with the following ratio of ingredients : 50-70 wt%. base; 0.1-2.5 wt.% phytobase; 1.0-3.8 wt.% phytoactive agent; and the remainder solvent. This multifunctional toothpaste provides high-quality professional hygiene care for the teeth and gums, without side effects, based on a comprehensive individualized approach to oral problems.

7. WOWO/2014/196945 - PROJECTION SHELF-STOPPER11.12.2014
G09F 19/18
PCT/UA2014/000051KOT, Andrii HryhorovychKOT, Andrii Hryhorovych
The utility model relates to means for inputting and reproducing visual and audio information, and can be used as a dynamic advertising tool in shops, shopping centers and other places where goods are sold. Proposed is a projection shelf-stopper containing a flat projection screen, a projector which is optically connected to the projection screen, a digital signal source which is connected to the projector, and sound reproduction equipment which is connected to the digital signal source; according to the utility model, additionally included are a motion sensor, which is connected to the digital signal source, and a removable battery; additionally provided is a sensor control panel; the projector, the digital signal source, the sound reproduction equipment and the motion sensor are provided in a single protective unit.

H04N 21/454
Authorized access to broadcast programming may be gained upon correct or at least sufficient answering of a particular question. The question may prompt a user to correctly solve a problem. The question may prompt a user to confirm completion of a particular task.

9. WOWO/2014/193332 - COMMUNICATION CENTRE04.12.2014
G06F 3/041
PCT/UA2013/000130TRAKTIN, Ruslan VolodymyrovychTRAKTIN, Ruslan Volodymyrovych
The invention relates to electrical devices intended for the input and transmission of data. A communication centre comprises a flexible or non-flexible housing, a touchscreen monitor, a magnetic element disposed on the rear side of the housing, a compact video camera facing in the same direction as the monitor, a microphone, a speaker, an on/off button, a memory, a microprocessor, a Wi-Fi transceiver device, a thermometer, a USB port, an SD card slot, and a lithium-ion battery.

H04N 21/45
A master or administrative device may be used to control and manage a particular media content lock on other devices within a particular network. When a new device is registered, the new device may be set-up to be configured so as to comply with the particular media content lock.

Results 1-10 of 1,193 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:ES Stemming: true
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