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1. WOWO/2014/170629 - DUAL RETRACTABLE LEAD ASSEMBLY23.10.2014
A01K 27/00
PCT/GB2014/050506TOMLINSON, Arthur LeslieTOMLINSON, Arthur Leslie
A retractable lead assembly includes a rotatably mounted winding spool (21) and two retractable lead sections (19, 20), joined to the winding spool (21) which may be simultaneously wound onto or from the spool (21). A retraction mechanism (46) will rotate the winding spool (21) to retract the lead sections (19, 20) and a jamming mechanism (52) is adapted independently to jam one or both lead sections (19, 20). A manually graspable housing (10), containing the winding spool (21) and jamming mechanism (52), has two spaced locations (18) from which the lead sections (19, 20) will separately extend in use.

2. WOWO/2014/170622 - TRAINING FOOTWEAR23.10.2014
A43B 7/00
PCT/GB2014/000019SKIA DESIGNS LTDBREACH, Martin James Wallace
A kit comprises a pair of items of footwear; wherein each item of footwear comprises: a) a brace that is arranged to be releasably secured to at least part of a wearer's leg and/or foot; b) a platform that is operably connected to the brace; and c) securing means for releasably securing a balancing member, or a stack of balancing members, underneath the platform; and wherein the kit includes a plurality of balancing members for each item of footwear so that one balancing member can be replaced with another balancing member that has a smaller ground-contacting area, or so that it can have another balancing member with a smaller ground-contacting area stacked underneath it.

3. WOWO/2014/170630 - PLANT PROTECTOR23.10.2014
A01G 13/10
Disclosed is a protector for protecting an upper part of a sapling from pests. The protector has a generally conical barrier and a secondary barrier disposed around an axis, and an axial aperture extending though the protector. The conical and secondary barriers diverge with distance from the axis. When placed over and around an upper portion of a sapling, the protector provides a barrier to pests and may prevent or reduce the number of pests which are able to access the upper part of the sapling. A lower part of a sapling may be protected by protection means such as a net guard extending to, or through, the axial aperture of a protector disposed around the upper part.

4. WOWO/2014/170640 - DOWNHOLE APPARATUS23.10.2014
E21B 23/04
A setting tool (10) for use in a downhole wellbore is described as having a hydraulic fluid pumping mechanism (78) for providing pressurised hydraulic fluid. A piston mechanism (116) is moveable by said pressurised hydraulic fluid acting upon a portion of the piston mechanism (116). A resetting mechanism (84) is provided which when operated releases the pressurised hydraulic fluid from acting upon said portion of the piston (116) and which results in the resetting of the setting tool (10). In addition, a method for resetting a setting tool (10) is described including the steps of: (i) running the setting tool (10) downhole; (ii) actuating the setting tool (10) and thereby deploying an apparatus (203) downhole; (iii) retrieving the setting tool (10) to surface; and (iv) bleeding off pressure to reset the setting tool (10). Furthermore, a locking mechanism (100) for a downhole tool (10) is also described, the locking mechanism (100) being adapted to resist movement of a piston mechanism (116) in at least one of first and second directions. In addition, a visual indication unit (61; 62, 63) for a downhole tool (10) is also described, the visual indication unit (61; 62, 63) being adapted to be mounted on an outer part or outer housing (50) of the downhole tool (10) and being adapted to display variable data and/or other variable information to an operator of the downhole tool (10).

B65D 88/02
A system for transporting fluid cargo within a shipping container, the system comprising an open topped box having side walls and end walls and a flexible membrane which either independently or in combination with the box contains the fluid cargo. The box supports the portion of the cargo within the box and is designed to flex and absorb at least part of the horizontal forces generated within the cargo during its transportation thus preventing overloading of the walls of the surrounding container. The membrane may be a bladder which completely encloses the cargo and is disposed partially within the box to contain the cargo independently of the box. The box may have a floor pan which can seal the box against leakage of any cargo.

6. WOWO/2014/170641 - FUNCTIONAL FLUID23.10.2014
C11D 3/20
A functional fluid useful as an emulsion in a cleaning product or a personal care product is the esterification reaction product of a) a triglyceride or a fatty acid or a methyl ester of a fatty acid, and b) an alcohol which comprises b1) a polyglycerol having at least 3 glycerol units (preferably polyglycerol-4), and b2) glycerol and / or diglycerol. The functional fluid is effective as a stabiliser and as an emulsifier for o/w and w/o emulsions. When a triglyceride is used as a reactant, glycerol and fatty acids are generated in situ by an interesterification reaction. Preferred functional fluids provide the significant benefit that they may be mixed into an oil phase and in a water phase before such phases are mixed together, and that such processing may be carried out at ambient temperature.

7. WOWO/2014/170642 - CATALYSTS, LIGANDS AND USE THEREOF23.10.2014
B01J 31/18
According to the present invention, there is provided a catalytic complex comprising a metal, one or more ligands and one or more counterions, wherein said one or more ligands include a non-racemic chiral ligand and wherein said one or more counterions include a triflimide counterion. Also provided are methods of making said catalytic complex and processes for producing chiral compounds which involve the use of said catalytic complex. In addition, the present invention provides compounds of the formula (2) as defined herein. The compounds of formula (2) may be useful as ligands in catalytic complexes.

8. WOWO/2014/170634 - LIFT APPARATUS FOR A VEHICLE23.10.2014
B60P 1/44
A lift apparatus (100) for a vehicle comprises a lifting platform (115) and a movable connection assembly (110) for deploying and operating the lifting platform (115). The movable connection assembly (110) comprises at least two pairs of hydraulically driven lifting arms (145, 146) on either side of the lifting platform (115) and pivotally connected at a first end to a base (140) and at a second end to the lifting platform (115), at least two hydraulic actuators being disposed in connection with each pair of arms (145, 146) acting in substantially the same direction as each other. The hydraulic actuators are powered by a common source. The lift can be used to allow wheelchair bound passengers to board the vehicle or for lifting heavy articles onto the vehicle.

C07C 209/12
The present invention is the use of a compound comprising two or more covalently bonded polymerisable vinyl groups and one or more covalently bonded ionic groups selected from a quaternary ammonium group; a quaternary phosphonium group; or a tertiary sulphonium group, as an ionic cross-linker. The cross-linkers of the invention may be used to form an ionomer membrane. Methods for forming the cross-linkers of the invention are also disclosed.

F23G 5/027
The present invention relates to an apparatus arranged to process waste having an organic content. The apparatus comprises: a first processing chamber arranged to receive and heat said waste in a reduced or substantially zero-oxygen atmosphere to produce syngas and carbonaceous material; a second processing chamber arranged to receive and heat carbonaceous material in a reduced oxygen atmosphere to gasify it to produce carbon monoxide; means for controlling the oxygen content within the second processing chamber comprising a control system configured to monitor a property of the gas produced in the first processing chamber and to control a flow of oxygen containing gas into the second processing chamber in response to said property; and a thermal treatment chamber having a syngas inlet configured to receive syngas from the first chamber and the carbon monoxide from the second chamber. The thermal treatment chamber is configured to heat the gas therein to break down any volatile organic compounds or long chain hydrocarbons therein.

Results 1-10 of 105,177 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:ES Stemming: true
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