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1. WOWO/2014/056505 - PHASE SEQUENCE DETECTION17.04.2014
G01R 29/18
The invention relates to a phase sequence detector suitable for use with 3-phase pulsed motor driver signals and to a phase sequence detection method suitable to determine phase sequence and phase loss states in 3-phase variable frequency motor driver signals.

A22C 21/00
An apparatus for processing birds on a conveyor according to the invention includes a moveable engagement member (1,101,201,301) having a contacting surface (11,111,211,311) adapted for being brought into contact with the bird (2). The engagement member is connected to a carrier (30,130,230,330) at a primary axis (P), said carrier being rotatable about a stationary secondary axis (132,232,332) and the primary axis (P) being located on the carrier (30,130,230,330) at a distance from the secondary axis (132,232,332), so that said primary axis will rotate about the secondary axis when the carrier is rotated. The engagement member (1,101,201,301) is restrained between the primary axis and the contacting surface, so that the contacting surface is prevented from rotating about the secondary axis. The invention also relates to a method for processing birds on a conveyor, where, during a processing movement, the direction of movement of contacting surface is preferably substantially the same as the direction of the conveyor.

3. WOWO/2014/056507 - JOINED BLADE WIND TURBINE ROTOR17.04.2014
F03D 1/06
The present invention preferably relates to a joined blade rotor system having substantially a horizontal axis for a wind turbine comprising a number of joined blade assemblies extending substantially radially from a central hub wherein each joined blade assembly comprises a first blade and a second blade or more blades in different planes that are connected by one or more brace systems to each other. Each central hub comprising operating means to effect pitch rotation of the said joined blade assembly or directly the first blade pitch rotation and the second blade pitch rotation about the respective blade axis. Bearing provides a relative rotation between the said first or second blade and brace strut while pitch angles change.

4. WOWO/2014/056503 - A CHIMNEY STARTER AND AN IGNITE UNIT17.04.2014
A47J 37/07
Disclosed is a chimney starter(1)comprising a tubular housing (2) including a charcoal chamber (3)extending between the upper opening (4)of the tubular housing (2) and thermal insulation means (5). The chimney starter(1)further comprises blowing means (6) arranged on the opposite side of the thermal insulation means (5) in relation to the charcoal chamber (3), at least one duct (7) extending through the thermal insulation means (5)from the blowing means (6) to the charcoal chamber (3) and heating means (8)arranged in the at least one duct (7). An ignite unit (20) for igniting solid fuel is also disclosed.

5. WOWO/2014/056502 - ELECTRIC ACTUATOR SYSTEM17.04.2014
A61G 7/018
PCT/DK2013/000067LINAK A/SRINGS, Peter
The invention relates to a hospital or care bed (1) with an electric actuator system comprising at least one linear actuator (4,5), a control (8), a power supply (9), and at least one operating panel (7). The linear actuator (4,5) comprises means for registering the force on the linear actuator (4,5) and the relative changes therein. The actuator system comprises a network driven as a serial data stream to which data of a force registered by the linear actuator can be converted. Further, the actuator system comprises means for monitoring the serial data stream and means for registering the time. The means for registering the time starts or restarts a time reading each time the means for monitoring the serial data stream registers data of a force on the linear actuator on the serial data stream of the network.

6. WOWO/2014/056501 - NASAL FILTER17.04.2014
A62B 23/06
PCT/DK2013/000066SPIRARE APSKENNEY, Peter Sinkjær
A nasal filter (1) comprising a frame (2) with a right and a left frame portion (2a, 2b) dimensioned for placement inside a left and right nostril, respective, and optionally connected via a U-shaped bridge (4). Each frame portion (2a, 2b) comprises an anterior support section (6a) towards the front of the nose and a posterior support section (6b) towards the back of the nose, the support sections supporting a filter element (3). Resilient means (8',9') connect the anterior support section (6a) with the posterior support section (6b) for flexible change of distance between the anterior support section (6a) and the posterior support section (6b).

7. WOWO/2014/056508 - MODE SELECTION LASER17.04.2014
H01S 5/183
The invention relates to a semiconductor mode selection laser, particularly to a VCSEL laser (200) having mode selection properties. The mode selection capability of the laser is achieved by configuring one of the reflectors (15,51) in the resonance cavity so that a reflectivity of the reflector (15) varies spatially in one dimension or two dimensions. Accordingly, the reflector (15) with spatially varying reflectivity is part both of the resonance cavity and the mode selection functionality of the laser. A plurality of the lasers configured with different mode selectors, i.e. different spatial reflector variations, may be combined to generate a laser beam containing a plurality of orthogonal modes. The laser beam may be injected into a few- mode optical fiber, e.g. for the purpose of optical communication. The VCSEL may have intra-cavity contacts (31,37) and a Tunnel junction (33) for current confinement into the active layer (34). An air-gap layer (102) may be provided between the upper reflector (15) and the SOI wafer (50) acting as a substrate. The lower reflector may be designed as a high-contrast grating (51) by etching.

H02J 3/38
The present invention relates to a power plant controller, controlling at least one electrical parameter of a wind power plant at a first point in an electrical grid wherein the wind power plant comprises a plurality of wind turbine generators, the power plant controller comprising, an input device arranged for receiving at least one measured electrical parameter at a point of measurement, the point of measurement being different from the first point, and an algorithm for estimating a delta value of a difference of the at least one electrical parameter between the first point and the point of measurement, wherein estimating of the delta value is calculated based on an impedance between the point of measurement and the first point, and at least one electrical input parameter, and wherein the at least one electrical input parameter is at least one reference value of the power plant controller, and the power plant controller controls the at least one electrical parameter on the basis of the at least one measured electrical parameter and the delta value. The present invention also relates to a method for determining at least one electrical parameter of a wind power plant at a first point in an electrical grid.

9. WOWO/2014/053136 - WIND TURBINE CONTROL10.04.2014
F03D 7/02
The present invention relates to methods, controllers, wind turbines and computer program products for controlling a wind turbine. One or more wind speed measurements upstream of a wind turbine are received 202 and a determination of an indication of a current wind speed at the wind turbine is made 204. The indication may include below rated wind speed or above rated wind speed. It is determined 205 if the wind speed is in an up transition region or a down transition region based on the received one or more wind speed measurements and the indication of said current wind speed. If determined that said wind speed is in an up transition region or a down transition region then a boost action is performed 206.

F04D 29/52
PCT/DK2013/050247IRON PUMP A/SMAZUR, Michael
The invention relates to a ship's anti heeling pump (20) comprising an outer housing (H, 30) and an inner housing (60) inside said outer housing(H, 30), a flow passage (22) between said outer housing (H, 30) and said inner housing (60) extending between ends (24, 25) of said pump(20), a portion of an axle(100) extending inside said inner housing (60), said axle (100) carrying a least one impeller (105) for establishing a flow of a liquid along said flow passage(22), a drive transmission structure(90) in said inner housing (60) being connected with or integral with said axle(100), said outer housing (H, 30) defining together with said inner housing (60) a second passage (80) separate from said flow passage (22), said second passage (80) extending generally transversally to said axle (100), said second passage(80)communicating with the outside of said outer housing (30) at at least one opening (82) and extending around said drive transmission structure (90) opposite to, or essentially opposite to, said opening (82).

Results 1-10 of 16,280 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:ES Stemming: true
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