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1. WOWO/2014/185882 - PROTECTIVE ELEMENT20.11.2014
B42D 25/328
The invention relates to the design of a protective element which can be used for protecting products and various documents, in particular such as identification cards, and also banknotes, checks, excise stamps, bills and the like, from forgery. The protective element comprises a base which is manufactured from a transparent plastics material, and an information film layer with text and/or graphical information, and, according to the invention, at least one section of the information film layer has applied birefringence and is in the form of text and/or graphical information which can be viewed with the aid of an optical polarized decoder. The invention solves the problem of producing a protective element which is better protected from forgery or unauthorized reproduction on account of the formation therein, as a feature making forgery of said protective element more complicated, of sections which have applied birefringence in the form of text and/or graphical information which can be viewed only with the aid of an optical polarised decoder.

C07D 471/04
PCT/UA2013/000055DERKACH, Nataliia MykolaivnaDERKACH, Nataliia Mykolaivna
The invention relates to methods for producing a chemical compound such as (1-cyclopropyl-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-8-methoxy-7-[(4aS,7aS)-octahydro-6H-pyrrolo[3,4-b]pyridine-6-yl]-4-oxo-3-quinoline-carboxylic acid, the method comprising an addition of heterocyclic amine, which comprises a protective group, to ethyl 3-oxo-3-(2,4,5-trifluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)propanoate, followed by a reaction with triethyl orthoformate and an addition of a cyclic amine, followed by a cyclization thus producing the final product. The claimed production method is technologically simple in comparison with the prior art and does not require special complex technical operations, thus simplifying the method for producing said chemical compound and reducing the cost of the final product, and the industrial manufacture according to the claimed method has a low hazard level.

G01F 1/90
PCT/UA2014/000045KOVALYUKH, SergiyKOVALYUKH, Sergiy
The invention relates to control and measuring technology, and specifically to strain-measuring volume-weight meters of liquid density. The general principle of the measurement is based on a dependence of the weight of a fixed-volume pipeline section filled with liquid on the density of said liquid. The volume-weight meter of liquid density comprises a flow-sensitive pipe, a measuring unit and a strain gauge comprising at least one frame having an input flange and an output flange with through openings, at least one cylindrical bellows, longitudinal bars which are sensitive to deformation and are rigidly connected to the flange mentioned, and first and second strain-measuring transducers. The second strain-measuring transducers are arranged in such a manner that there is greatest sensitivity in dependence on the displacement of the output flange of the strain gauge and the direction of action of a force in a plane perpendicular to the axis passing through the centre of the input and output openings of the bellows, and there is least sensitivity in the event of an action of a force, the direction of which is perpendicular to the above-mentioned force. The technical result is an increase in the measuring accuracy.

F24H 3/00
PCT/UA2013/000057PROKOPENKO, Artem StanislavovichPROKOPENKO, Artem Stanislavovich
The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in heaters. The present electric heating resistor module comprises a thermally capacitive panel made from glass, on one side of which there is disposed a resistive electric heating element in the form of a continuous electrically conductive layer of resistive composition, and electrically conductive electrodes in the form of metal strips disposed at opposite ends of the same side of the panel, wherein the resistive layer may be coated with a layer of a heat-resistant insulating material and the module may have any size, shape, colour and coating. The technical result is a simplified design and a broadening of the existing range of technical means.

C10L 1/12
PCT/UA2013/000111BORYSHCHUK, VladislavBORYSHCHUK, Vladislav
Additive for fuels and lubricants containing spherical layered structure onion-like particles, containing solvent and dispersed therein carbon nanosized spherical clusters CNOs to the extent from 1 to 500 nm; these clusters consist of laminated partially closed cockleshell-like form graphene layers with substituents; and the additive for fuels and lubricants has the following ratio of components, wt. %: * - carbon nanosized spherical clusters - 10- 6 - 10- 1; • - solvent - rest. Additive for fuels and lubricants is used in the capacity of antifriction, antiscoring and anti-oxidant components in the production of petroleum, bioethanol, biodiesel fuels, oils, greases and technical fluids with anticorrosive and antifrictional properties.

6. WOWO/2014/178810 - MOTOR FUEL06.11.2014
C10L 1/02
PCT/UA2013/000110BORYSHCHUK, VladislavBORYSHCHUK, Vladislav
Subject of an invention: Motor fuel. Field of application: The invention applies to field of oil refining and petrochemistry, namely the development and manufacturing of composite motor fuel with useful additives that determine improved energy, environmental and tribological characteristics of the fuel. Character of the invention: Motor fuel contains liquid fuel and additive; in the capacity of additive is used the solvatosol of carbon nanosized spherical clusters CNOs to the extent from 1 to 500 nm; these clusters consist of laminated partially closed cockleshell-like form graphene layers, and additionally in the capacity of substituents contain the functional groups, notably amino groups and heterocyclic bases including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen to the extent from 1 to 700 atoms in the following ratio of components, wt. %: Liquid fuel - 90,5 - 99,999; Additive - 0,001 - 9,5. In the capacity of liquid fuel is used a mixture of hydrocarbon fuel and motor bioethanol fuel in the following ratio of components, wt. %: - Hydrocarbon fuel - 0,001 - 99,999; - Motor bioethanol fuel - 0,001 - 99,999.

7. WOWO/2014/178812 - SLIPPERS06.11.2014
A43B 1/00
PCT/UA2013/000147ZVANSKIY, Alexander GrigorevichZVANSKIY, Alexander Grigorevich
The utility model relates to the field of light industry, and more particularly to the manufacture of footwear, and is intended for use as indoor footwear. What is novel about the utility model is that the vamp has an open front portion and is made from a natural fibre fabric which is backed on the inside with latex and a woven natural fibre lining on foam, and the wedge of the multi-layered sole is comprised, from bottom to top, of the following layers: a first layer of fine wool felt, a covering material, a second layer of fine wool felt which is not more than 1.5 times thicker than the first layer of fine wool felt, and an insole made from a card such as Texon and covered on top by a natural fibre material; in the heel seat region, between the covered first layer and the second thicker layer of fine wool felt, a heel is formed from heel rubber, which thickens in the heel seat region by not more than 0.9 of the thickness of the second layer of fine wool felt and uniformly decreases in thickness towards the arch of the foot; the natural fibre fabric used for the vamp is a fabric such as denim or linen or cotton, the top covering of the insole is made from a cotton or linen fabric, and the covering material layer is made from batting or card.

G07C 13/00
PCT/UA2013/000061POHORILYI, Arsen KostiantynovychPOHORILYI, Arsen Kostiantynovych
The invention relates to the field of data processing. The method for processing rating data, comprising databases of participants determining the rating, including various data on carrying out the event and who is participating in the rating, involves, during or after carrying out the event, an information processing module receiving signals from user devices, from which geographical location coordinates are determined, and the geographical coordinates of the user being compared with the geographical coordinates of carrying out the event and, if the geographical coordinates of the user fall within the limit radius of the determination of the geographical coordinates of carrying out the event, presenting the user with the opportunity to vote, with corresponding data about the vote being read during the processing of the rating information, and an event rating on the basis of a subsequent visualization of the rating results being formed on a computer appliance, and, in the event of the geographical coordinates of the user not coinciding with the limit radius of the determination of the geographical coordinates of carrying out the event, the user being refused participation in the vote.

9. WOWO/2014/175848 - COOLING TRUNKS FOR A BATH HOUSE30.10.2014
A41B 9/00
PCT/UA2013/000066TACHKO, Aleksander ViktorovichTACHKO, Aleksander Viktorovich
Use: in designs of men's special-purpose trunks for temporary residence in buildings with high temperature conditions, for example for use when visiting baths and saunas. Essence: the cooling trunks for a bath house comprise a waistband and front and rear parts which are connected to one another by side stitching. The trunks have an additional panel which forms, with the front part, a cavity in the form of a pocket. The additional panel is in the form of a trapezoid, the smaller base of which is fixed in the region in which the lower stitching connecting the front and rear parts is arranged. The large surface of the trapezoid is turned towards the waistband and is provided with an elastic strip. A container with an opening for filling with coolant is arranged in the lower part of the cavity of the trunks, and this container is formed according to the shape of the lower part of the additional panel of the trunks. Technical advantages: improvement of the ergonomic characteristics, simplicity in filling and emptying the container with or of coolant; universality.

B64D 41/00
PCT/UA2013/000093SIDORENKO, Yuri GrygorovychSIDORENKO, Yuri Grygorovych
The invention relates to engine construction, and specifically to structural elements of aviation engines, and more specifically to a system for increasing the efficiency and controllability of an aviation drive of an aircraft. The system comprises an aviation engine, onto the shaft of which a working aircraft propeller is mounted, and the system is equipped with an electric generator, the output of which is connected to a load, and, according to the invention, the system is supplemented with an auxiliary propeller arranged coaxially on the same shaft behind the working aircraft propeller so as to be able to freely rotate and have a rotor of the electric generator kinematically connected thereto. The problem addressed by the invention is that of creating such a system which would make it possible to reduce the swirling of air flows downstream of the working aircraft propeller. The stated problem is solved by arranging an additional aerodynamic element - an auxiliary propeller - behind the working aircraft propeller, said auxiliary propeller allowing passage of the air flow and at the same time evening out same.

Results 1-10 of 1,181 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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