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H02K 17/16
PCT/KZ2013/000001IDRISSOV, Alibi
The invention relates to electrical engineering, and more particularly to heavy-duty asynchronous motors. In order to improve the starting characteristics of an asynchronous electric motor containing a stator and a rotor with a core that is mounted on a shaft and that is provided with a coil, comprised of individual windings situated in radial planes, which functions both as a starting coil and as a working coil, the windings surround the rotor core in a toroidal fashion, and the shaft is ribbed.

C01C 3/02
The invention relates to a method for producing hydrogen cyanide which can be used in producing cyanide compounds, particularly sodium cyanide, from carbon monoxide and ammonia, wherein exhaust gas taken from metallurgical manufacturing and composed of at least 25% carbon monoxide is used as the original carbon monoxide raw material, said gas being purified of unnecessary impurities and enriched to 95%. The method for producing hydrogen cyanide involves the mixing of carbon monoxide and ammonia resulting from a flow of each being directed horizontally facing the other into a reactor mixing pipe, the resulting mixture is heated to 300°С by the heat of a reactor jacket and enters an initial inner reactor chamber, said chamber being in operation, and is heated by direct contact with catalysts by means of the heat and radiation energy emitted by said self-heating catalysts (tubular heating elements), wherein the formation or decomposition of ammonia, deviations from working specifications, or other side effects are monitored on the basis of instrument readings and upon detection are automatically or manually brought under control and immediately resolved, and wherein up to 99% hydrogen cyanide output is achieved, with carbon monoxide and ammonia losses not exceeding 0.1% and 0.9% respectively, and wherein manufacturing operations can be classified as waste-free.

3. WOWO/2013/180560 - DOWNHOLE SCREW MOTOR05.12.2013
E21B 4/02
To obtain technical result - creation of a new downhole screw motor ensuring a higher efficiency and increasing performance coefficient of a motor and motor operational life, improving of drilling efficiency - in a downhole screw motor comprising a stator hav¬ ing an internal screw surface, a rotor placed inside a stator having external screw surface, a sealing system, a spindle assembly, as per the invention as a sealing system the following system is used: a system, which contains a contact elastic, multilayered sealing agent, moreover a tough straps making layers in a sealing agent, have close ring-like shapes and are similar to the surface, to which they are fixed; the quantity of layers of a sealing agent is not more than six; in the layers separately gas and/or liquid is used as sealing media; a seal¬ ing system contains a separation joint of drilling mud flow, an electrogenerating turbine, a pumping unit for drill mud, regulating units of movement direction of sealing media and drill mud, a mud hopper, automatic control system and also, in accordance with applied sealing media, a tank-stabilizer with gas, a compressor, a heat exchanger for gas cooling and/or a tank-stabilizer with liquid, a pump, a heat exchanger for liquid cooling.

B01D 1/22
PCT/KZ2012/000008CHOMANOV, UrishbayCHOMANOV, Urishbay
The invention relates to the field of the food industry and processing industry, in particular to vacuum evaporators for producing concentrated products: milk, juices, pastes, biologically active substances, etc. The subject matter of the invention is a single-effect vacuum evaporator with a rotating disc of conical or oval shape, which ensures that the evaporable product is uniformly distributed in the form of a film in the evaporator and with which a high-quality concentrated product is produced without the use of a separator.

5. WOWO/2013/157908 - SPRAY DRIER24.10.2013
F26B 9/06
PCT/KZ2012/000009CHOMANOV, UrishbayCHOMANOV, Urishbay
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, and to the food industry and processing industry, and can also be used in other branches of industry where liquid products need to be dried. The aim of the invention is to develop a spray drier with a rotating disc of conical or oval shape, which is heatable by a heated lower disc and a drying agent, which ensures partial drying of the product to be dried as said product spreads over the surface of the rotating disc, and intensive mixing of the sprayed drops of the product with the drying agent, and also accelerates the process of final drying of the sprayed product, resulting in the production of a powder of said product. The novel design of the drier reduces the energy consumption, increases the quality of the manufactured articles and reduces the size of the drier by reducing the diameter of the spray jet.

6. WOWO/2013/157909 - TETRAAXIAL RAILROAD TRUCK24.10.2013
B61F 7/00
PCT/KZ2012/000011KABAYEV, Dmitriy IvanovichKABAYEV, Dmitriy Ivanovich
The invention relates to railroad transportation, and in particular proposes a tetraaxial railroad truck, which is characterized in that it has an overall framework (5), to which all four wheelsets are connected, and in that the wheels in the first and fourth wheelsets (1, 4) have an extended horizontal contact surface area between the wheel and the rail (a1), and the wheels in the second and third wheelsets (2, 3) have an extended flange and an additional horizontal contact surface area between the wheel and the rail (b1). Furthermore, one and the same extended horizontal contact surface area between the wheel and the rail (a1) is used for the wheels in the first and fourth wheelsets both on a track of one width (for example 1435 mm) and on a track of another width (for example 1520 mm), whereas for the wheels in the second and third wheelsets, one (main) horizontal contact surface area between the wheel and the rail (a1) is used on one track (for example 1520 mm) and another (additional) horizontal contact surface area between the wheel and the rail (b1) is used on the other track (for example 1435 mm), with this additional horizontal contact surface area being produced by virtue of an increase in the width of the flange.

F02B 47/02
PCT/KZ2013/000002KRUTSKIKH, Boris VasilevichKRUTSKIKH, Boris Vasilevich
The invention relates to engine construction. The method involves providing the combustion chamber with a high pressure pump, a nozzle for injecting water into the combustion chamber, and a temperature sensor, and converting a signal from the sensor into a signal for the nozzle to inject water at the moment when or at the site where the combustion of the fuel and air mixture ends in order to maintain a given temperature range in the combustion chamber. The invention provides more efficient and reliable engine cooling.

8. WOWO/2013/105839 - HEATING BOILER18.07.2013
PCT/KZ2012/000010SARYMSAKOV, Jirgalbek OmuralievitchSARYMSAKOV, Jirgalbek Omuralievitch
The invention relates to a design for solid fuel boilers for heating domestic and industrial premises with the possibility of utilizing carbon-containing waste. The invention addresses the technical problem of improving performance indicators by increasing fuel combustion efficiency. The problem of interest is solved in that the heating boiler comprises a burner, the combustion chamber of which contains an afterburn chamber in the form of a horizontal cylindrical closed-end tube with openings in the surface thereof, and an ash box, which are connected to a source for the forced supply of an oxidizing agent, as well as a heat exchanger and a smoke exhaust pipe, which are interconnected by gas flue channels. The afterburn chamber has longitudinal inclined fins on the lateral surface thereof with openings therebetween and is provided with a reaction chamber in the form of a cylinder with openings in the lateral surface, which is disposed inside the afterburn chamber coaxially therewith and with an annular gap between the cylinders, said annular gap being associated with a channel for the forced supply of an oxidizing agent, wherein the reaction chamber is connected to the heat exchanger via a catalyst situated in the free end of the reaction chamber. The directrices of the cylindrical pipe of the afterburn chamber and of the reaction chamber are in the form of ovals, the major axes of which are perpendicular to the base of the combustion chamber.

9. WOWO/2013/103285 - SAVINGS AND PAYMENT SYSTEM11.07.2013
G06Q 20/16
PCT/KZ2012/000015ZHAXYLYKOV, Kayrat KhayrullovichZHAXYLYKOV, Kayrat Khayrullovich
The invention relates to the field of information and computer technology. A client-seller enters the system using his own identification data and, when accepting a payment, records the transaction, inputting the identification data of the buyer, the payment amount and the name and amount of goods, work or services. As a result, the system calculates the obligations of the seller and converts a part of the payment amount into an offset against said obligations or a bonus in favour of the buyer and sends a message to this effect to an electronic, inter alia mobile, communication device belonging to each of the parties to the transaction. This increases the efficiency with which settlements are recorded, simplifies the execution of settlements between parties to a transaction, reduces material and time costs, ensures the traceability of settlements, and increases the level of administration of transactions carried out by users of the system with the subsequent calculation of obligations and offsets.

F16K 1/38
Exhaust gas recirculation circuit comprising: • at least one valve (100) comprising a body defining a first duct (1) opening into a second duct (2) thereby defining an intersection that forms a seat (7) at right angles to the second duct (2), a valve disk (8) that slides in the first duct (1) at right angles to the seat(7) between a closed position and an open position in which the valve disk (8) lies into close proximity to a wall (5) of the first duct (1) lying facing the seat (7), the valve (100) comprising means of actuating (12) the valve disk (8) from its closed position to its open position and an elastic spring mechanism bringing the valve disk (8) to its closed position, • an exhaust pipe (24) connected to the first duct (1) of the valve (100), • an intake pipe (31) connected to the second duct (2) of the valve (100), the circuit being arranged to. define a flow direction for a gas flow from the first duct (1) to the second duct (2) in such a manner as the gas flow tends to bring the valve disk (8) in the closed position at least when the valve disk (8) lies into close proximity to its closed position.

Results 1-10 of 178 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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